How To Get Rid of Mites

Mite belongs to the family of arachnida and sub family of acarina. Mites are believed to be the best in destroying habitat. Some are so small that they can go deep in to the ground and destroy the soil without even being noticed. They are found in soil and water. They feed on plants, animals, dirt and mold. Mites bring about diseases like dermatitis, eczema, asthma and hay fever. Mites may even be found in your homes if you live in warm and humid climate. You may not notice but you may be inhaling mites when you are fast asleep. The mite who brings about highest level of allergy is dust mites. To avoid this allergy firstly you need to avoid these mites. If you think that you are been infected by mites, then here are certain tips for your safety:

Sulfur: it is a proven fact that mites die on the consumption of sulfur. So you should not be surprised if you are told to consume sulfur to get rid of mites. But do not use it if your skin is sensitive as it is a strong chemical. Instead you can use Permethrin lotion or cream as it is a good substitute for sulfur.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil: it has become popular these days especially among cosmetic companies as it is a natural astringent. It also helps to get rid of scabies and itch mites. Not only this, mixing this oil with lavender oil helps to get rid of skin problems. It is a good way to avoid any infestation of mites.

Since there are different mites, there is a need to get rid of each mite differently. Here are some categories of mites and ways to get rid of it for your convenience.

Ear mites: their scientific name is otodectes cynotis. To get away of this mites you need to apply mineral oil to the ears of your dog or cat using ear syringes. An eye dropper will also help you to do it if you do not have one. After applying oil you need to massage your pet ears. If you thimk you have done enough of it then make your pet shake the mineral oil out of the ears.

Itch mites: toxins are always useful to get rid of such type of mites. But since this toxins are dangerous you need to use only little bit of sulfur. Lindane is the best amongst all types of brand. Pure sulfur is the safest as it is non toxic.

Dust mites: to get rid of this type of mites select proper type of fabric which can be dusted easily. If you using a carpet them select one which can be easily shampooed and cleaned. Dust mites are commonly found on carpets. To get rid of this mites clean your carpets daily and wash it once or twice a week.

Spider mites: also known as two spotted mites or tetranychus urticae. To get rid of this mites introduce predatory mites. They will feed on the spider mites and kill them.

In short to keep these mites away from you, clean your house and be clean yourself.