How To Get Rid of Moss From Your Property

The lack of sunshine and wet conditions that are more than common in Britain make gardens, drive ways and just about everywhere else you can imagine the perfect places for moss to grow.

A damp lawn or the water filled gaps between paving stones are an absolute haven for mosses but it’s probably not the look that you’re going for. There are a variety of techniques that you can use to get rid of moss including changing the conditions of the place where it’s growing and a variety of other control techniques that will prevent it from returning.

One thing to bear in mind before you start removing moss is the fact that you can actually use it to enhance your garden. Moss works really well in the bottom of hanging baskets as it helps to keep in the moisture; it is also much more attractive than the black lining that it otherwise used. If you want to use some of the moss for this purpose then you should rake it form your lawn before treating the area with moss killer or any other substance.

If you have a problem with moss on your lawn then you should cut the lawn and allow it to grow for a couple of days before using any treatment. Many moss killers will control much more than moss growth, preventing the growth of other pests like slime. Although the treatment will kill moss, slime and liverworts you can be sure that it won’t harm your garden at all. Once you’ve treated the moss you should leave your lawn for as long as possible before you cut it again as this will give the grass the chance to grow over the mossy patch. Moss From Your Property

You also need to remember that the moss won’t die straight away, you should leave it alone until it’s turned black and then rake it from your lawn. Once the mossy patch has been removed you should fork and turn the soils in that area to enable better drainage in order to prevent the chance of it coming back again.

Lawns and other grassy areas aren’t the only sufferers when it comes to moss though as it also makes itself at home on pathways and drive ways too. It’s generally much easier to remove moss from hard surfaces because you don’t have to worry about killing the surrounding area. Treatments that are intended for use on drive ways and paths usually contain bleaches which kills the moss right to the base and is a much better long term control.