How To Get Rid Of Moths

Moths are creatures that can get into any place in your home whether it is your closet, cupboard or any other nice little place they can call a home. While they are there, they like to take advantage of the things that you have around your home. They tend to ruin clothing and any plants that you have around. This being said, it is not only the moth that you need to get rid of if you have them but you also need to find and remove the larvae that may be present.

Moths can come from many places including the grocery store. There is a lot of different fabrics and food that the moths like and they may be transferred into your shopping bag. They can also be found sealed in various bags and boxes.

Usually moths are found in the food cupboards first and you will notice the tiny holes in the food containers. The food also smells different and may be stuck together. Even if you don’t see the moths flying around, there may be larvae there instead.

Insecticides and pesticides can help with this problem but since you can’t just spray them anywhere, especially on your food, you may need to take a different approach.

Cleaning Up

If there are moths in the house, the first step is to clean up.

  • Tidy up the house where moths may find homes. These spaces include the closets, kitchen, cupboards, and so on.
  • Vacuum and wash the different surfaces in the home. Use vinegar to clean the hard surfaces after having scrubbed them. Be thorough with all of your cleaning.
  • Throw out any food that has been infested by moths. Throw out any tea, nuts or raisins even if they haven’t been infested and even if they have been sealed. This is a great place for moth larvae.
  • Kill any moths that you find with a fly swatter or moth trap.

Moths in the Pantry

Store grains properly in sealed and air-tight containers. Before doing this, keep them in the freezer for four days as this will destroy any moths or larvae that are present in the bags.

Moths in the Clothing

Wash and dry any clothing that you think might be infested. Put the pieces of clothing in the freezer. Any items that are small, such as socks, put it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for up to two or three days. After removing them for thawing, shake the items for the dead bugs and larvae to drop off. Clean any areas where the clothing was located including any corners and cracks with a bleach cleaner.