How To Get Rid of Pigeons in a Warehouse

Pigeons like living near people simply because of constant food supply. Though pigeons are birds, they are basically classified under pest species and they normally roost over building especially warehouse because where food is usually kept. Once they roost inside, pigeons make the place dirt by their feathers, dropping or nesting materials. Once they engulf your warehouse, their droppings create unclean environment and above all, they facilitate the spreading of diseases. Wherever they visit, pigeons must leave some liquid dirt droppings and even go ahead to contaminate water with feces and carcasses. Wastes from pigeon birds are most corrosive than what people expect. Limestone, concrete and even metals used in building houses suffer from such droppings.

Since pigeons possess homing ability, people especially warehouse owners face challenges when they try to relocate them. The prior prevention method of these pigeons is to discourage them visiting warehouse location. Individuals can now apply several modern prevention methods that have been proved.

The trapping of destructive pigeons

Trapping pigeons isn’t same as trapping other common insects or animals that do not have ability to fly. That is why trappers should use special and unique approach of trapping them especially when planning to catch several of them. Basically, two different traps can be utilized but they should be customized depending on the building. Small traps are only suitable when catching two-three birds.

The common and perhaps recommended trap available is LIVE TRAP which has only one entrance way for these birds to enter but find it impossible to get out. The bait found in this cage attracts them but find no chance to escape. Live trap is 100 times important compared to poisoning. Poisoning results to birds dying and rotting anywhere in the ridges and tube thus causing problems to clean water supply

How to Get Rid of Pigeons in a warehouse

Plastic owl pigeon prevent method

Making of fake predators will scare away pigeons and they might relocate to other areas. Though some people try to employ unpleasant smell to sent them away, many pigeons cannot be affected by such smell. However, some warehouse owners have tried sound as a great way of eliminating them. Researches show that when ultrasonic sound emitters are carefully used, they can’t disturb men but produce annoying sound to such birds thus keeping them away. Only special sounds can bother these birds that is why commonly city sound can’t tire them.

Installation of electric shockers, pigeon nets or bird spikes

The most proven and suitable technique of keeping pigeons away is by declaring to them they can’t cannot have peace when they roam around your warehouse. Whether it is you special business, warehouse or a kitchen, these pigeons can comfortably roost anywhere. However, installing electric strips along is neither easier nor cheap. However, since many electric brands come with solar power, maintenance and installation is relatively easier. Let experienced electric strip installers do the job and ensure it safe for you, your workers and family at large. The strips should be tightened enough to withstand the bird’s weight.

Falcon method of eradicating pigeons

I hear that several cities and villages have experimented flacon usage and found it more effective. The popular benefit of this prominent method is that the prey keeps them away and minimizes chances of even one pigeon clinking on your expensive warehouse. Unfortunately, this proven method cannot function effectively where several pigeons roost on buildings. While some keep on encouraging this method, cleanliness can be long term solution.

Usage of varied pigeon repellents

In attempt to create uncomfortable environment around roosting areas, bird repellents can do great and recommendable job. Tactile chemicals like sprays and gels can eradicate or discourage them from nesting around. These chemicals do not kill them but instead create warming sensation on pigeon’s feet thus discouraging landing on such places. On the other side, mechanical repellents like bird wire and bird spikes can be professionally fixed on light fixtures, flat surfaces and ledges to scare these destructive birds. Sound repellents and visual repellents can also frighten them if utilized well. Some other cities or states have implanted programs aimed at reducing their population in individuals’ warehouses. They do the pigeon reduction by creating comfortable home for them which is located away from people’s houses. In these pigeon homes, they provide foods thus encouraging them to stay around.

Over the years, pigeons have been bringing complications to warehouse owners thus affecting their businesses. Since warehouses are associated with food storage, pigeons find joy when they live around. As an entrepreneur with large warehouses, take precautions before the birds cause severe destruction. Again, you should employ the recommended methods before even these pigeons discover the sweetness in your house. Try to find some experts in this area to safeguard your building before things become too hot for you to cool them down.