How To Get Rid of Pill Bugs

Pill bugs are not dangerous but still they come in the category of pests. They do not cause any harm to your household. But they can scare your kids as they do not look good. Their appearance is scary enough to scare any one. However you need to get rid of them before they spoil your house. Here are certain ways to get rid of them:

Clean your home from inside as well as outside:

If you have lot of dust at your house then are more chances of pill bugs entering your house. Therefore not to invite them in your house, clean your house properly. Clean all the areas of dust like your drawers, closets and cupboards. You can also vacuum your house. Just like you clean your house from inside you also need to clean from outside. If you have a garden or a lawn then there are more chances of dust entering your house. Just sweep your garden once a week to prevent pill bugs from entering your house.

Pour sand on pill bug havens:

Pill bugs hate sand and therefore they do not come in the area where there is lot of sand. Therefore, if you find some area which is frequently visited by pill bugs, you can put sand on it. You can even spread sand in your garden to prevent pill bugs entering your home.


Insecticides are useful in killing almost all the pest including pill bugs. You just need to spray them in the areas where you find pill bugs coming from. But wear safety gears before applying it as it may harm you. Read the instructions given on the bottle before spraying it. There are many insecticides available in the market to kill pill bugs. The most preferred ones are organic, granule, aerosol and liquid insecticides.

Divert their attention to your garden:

Pill bugs normally enter your house because they don’t find enough nourishment outside. To prevent this you can place decaying vegetable waste outside your house which will provide them enough nourishment. This will also enrich you soil as they will eat away all decaying material. But remember if the population of this bugs is large then it will not enrich your soil but it may cause your plants to suffer.

Apply diatomaceous earth:

This is highly used to get rid of pill bugs. When pill bugs consume this powder, the powder damages its cuticles and causes them to dehydrate, thus eventually killing them. But wear safety gears to avoid any further consequences.

Apply slug bait:

Slug baits also to some extent help in eliminating pill bugs. Just spray this slug bait on the areas infected by pill bugs. This will kill the pill bugs. Then collect all of them and dispose them properly.

Combine some of the options:

Pill bugs though doesn’t cause you any harm, it can make your plants suffer. Thus to prevent it you can make a mix match of any of the above solutions. You can thus get rid of pill bugs.