How To Get Rid of Sand Fleas

Also known as hop-along or no-see-um, the sand fleas are the most dangerous out of all the fleas. When these fleas bite you they cause you severe health hazards. As they are in large number, they sting you and make you suffer a lot by giving unbearable pain.

Not all sand fleas are dangerous but female fleas are dangerous. They give you various diseases. They inject saliva into your body through their mouth causing you various skin problems. Not only problems of skin but these fleas can also kill you and your pets. You start recognizing the problem through itchiness and red spots on your skin.

These sand fleas do not survive in a particular place for a long time. They keep on moving from one place to another.

You may not find these fleas at your home. They are normally found near marine side and they do not target cats or dogs. They may attack anyone within 10 inches of their range. You may meet them on beaches. If you don’t want yourself attacked by them then hear are certain ways to get rid of them:

Use a vacuum cleaner: Vacuum cleaners can easily suck this sandfleas in their containers. You just need to put your vacuum cleaner in the place where you find these fleas hiding themselves that is over the carpets and furniture. Also use it in the corners of your house and the couches as they also hide there. This helps to keep the population of these fleas at a minimal level.

If you want to get rid of all the sand fleas, they you need to know where these sand fleas hide. Here are some clues to help you:

Dealing with eggs: sand fleas lay their eggs on dogs and cats. Your pets are normally found on your carpets and this is the time and place where these fleas lay their eggs. Therefore vacuum your carpets properly.

Managing larvae: once these eggs are laid they convert themselves into larvae. This worm like structure larvae are not seen easily they are seen along skirting boards, floor board cracks, under furniture and in corners and crevices.

Getting rid of pupae: this has got a structure like those of caterpillar and it spins a cocoon. Thus if you vacuum more pupae you will eliminate most of the sand fleas.

Go for steam cleaning: if the infestation of sand fleas is much greater then we can imagine it is better to go for steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is when you expose these sand fleas to a temperature of 1030 degrees Fahrenheit for almost 1 hour these fleas die.

Use insecticide: spray the insecticide on anything organic outside your house. This cracks the skin of sand fleas due to which it absorbs the moisture and oil from the sand fleas skin. This kills the sand fleas.

Thus these are the above certain measures which you can use to get rid of sand fleas.