How To Get Rid of Seagulls

It can be amazing watching seagulls flying in the sky or by the beach but they are also very smart animals that have complex forms of communication with each other. These creatures generally like to hunt crabs or other forms of seafood but they also like to get their food from humans as well. Other than scavenging from humans, when around the home, they can cause other disturbances such as building their nests and leaving droppings around the cars. These gulls can also become aggressive and hurt people while going about their activities. While it might be tempting to kill the creatures, they are protected under certain laws so you have to take other routes to getting rid of them.

The Problem with Gulls

The problem with gulls does not stop at the nuisances that they may be or at their potentially aggressive behavior. The content in the droppings are rich in nutrients and can cause the growth of dangerous bacteria. There may also be traces of E-Coli and other dangerous organisms. These droppings are corrosive so may damage the car in the meantime.

Getting Rid of the Gulls

There are a number of ways to get rid of seagulls. Here are some of the ones that work most effectively.

Spikes: Although the name sounds dangerous, seagull spikes do not hurt or harm the animal because they are blunt. They are merely to be stuck on the roof or other places where the animal may perch to dissuade them from going sitting there for any length of time.

Wires: Seagull wires are long metal wires that have springs placed on each end. When the seagulls sit on them, they will not stay for long because the springs make the wire seem unstable.

Nets: The bird net is made from strong synthetic materials that are used to cover larger areas such as the entire roof. These are quite durable and can last for up to ten years. These do not affect the look of the building as most are made to be unnoticeable from far farther distances. If you use this, the 75mm mesh size works the best.

Nest Removal: If you can’t obtain the other methods then you have ask to have the nest to be moved in a legal fashion. This is only permitted to be done by licenses companies and the professionals know how to complete this task properly.


Many times prevention is the best medicine and you can do this by keeping your grounds clean of debris and garbage. Also install poles around your yard in the case that you like to eat outside. Seagull control devices that emit high-frequency sounds are another option.