How To Get Rid of Slugs

Tiny and slim creatures are always problematic for us. They are always disgusting. They can irritate you to the core. Thus it is necessary to get rid of them. Below are some ways to get rid of them.

  • Diatomaceous earth: people know this as DE. It looks like white flour but on close observation you come to know that it is sharp. It is one of the best solutions available for killing slugs. It dehydrates the slugs once it comes in touch with DE. Surround DE by your plants and wear a mask while doing so.
  • Toads: slugs love to seat in shade. All you need to do is to water the ground and provide shade in that area. Slugs would come running to that area and now place a toad in front of them. Toads will enjoy the delicious meal od slugs by eating them.
  • Beer: even beer can help you get rid of slugs. It is effective and is a non personal way to get rid of them. But remember not to keep stale beer as slugs just love to feed on it. Purchase any cheap beer but fresh, pour it in the ground at night and you will see dead slugs in the morning. Keep on repeating this process every night to make sure that all slugs are dead.
  • Iron phosphate: iron leads to indigestion in slugs. Go to the market and purchase escar-go and Sluggo which are used for attracting slugs. Spread them around the damaged plants and you will get rid of these slugs. Iron phosphate is really very useful in killing slugs. Not only it kills slugs but it also enriches the soil.
  • Coffee: spread coffee beans around the damaged plants and the next day you will find dead slugs. It has been proven that coffee is effective in getting rid of slugs.
  • Copper: slugs get shock when they come in contact of copper. You can also make use of pennies. Just place your penny or some copper above the plant and you will see dead slugs on it the next day.
  • Citrus: grape fruit, orange and lemon rinds helps you to get rid of slugs. Just place them near your affected plant and the next morning you will find dead slugs near it. Dispose of the slugs and fruits properly. You can also use leaves of lettuce for this purpose.
  • Boards: cover your garden with old planks of boards. Slugs will be attracted to it as they want to avoid the heat of sun. The next day you will find a large number of slugs dead on it.
  • Human hair: not only your hair helps to kill slugs but it also adds nitrogen to soil. Just cover the plant with your hair so that when slugs walk on it they strangle and get entangled to it.
  • Vinegar: spray vinegar near affected areas and the next day you will find dead slugs near it.