How To Get Rid of Snails

First thing I would like to make clear is snails are not slugs. They are often mistaken to be so. Snails have shell which covers them and slugs do not. It is not at all difficult to find snails especially during warm and rainy day. You may find them at the base of your house or in a shady region. Snails are also found around lettuce. Snails are found in almost all parts of the world.

Snails do not cause any harm to us. May be it’s the looks which irritates us and that is the reason why we want to get rid of hem. But yes it eats away the plants of your garden thus destroying your garden. They eat up all the nutrition of your plants. Therefore it is necessary to get rid of them. Here are some ways to get rid of them:

Employ the help of toads: pour water on the ground where there is shade. All the snails will collect themselves over there and then introduce a toad over there. He will eat up all the snails in a moment. Snails are toads’ delicious meal.

Use your favorite drink: beer is the best way to get rid of snails. But not all types of beer. It’s only the stale beer which helps to kill snails. All you need to do is to a plan a commercial trap in soil near damaged crops and pour some stale beer in it. The next day you will find a group of dead snail floating on it. Do this every night and you will get rid of almost all snails in your area.

Coffee miracles: even coffee is useful in killing snails. Just sprinkle some coffee around the damaged plants. But use only used coffee grounds. This will definitely kill snails.

Poisoning not necessary: when snails consume iron they die. Iron proves to be dangerous for them. Sluggo and escar are two products which contain iron phosphate and are available in market. Scatter these iron pills around the damaged plants. This will kill the snails without poisoning them. Iron phosphate will not only kill pests but also enrich your soil.

Copper tops the chart: snails get shock when they touch copper and thus they die. Copper pants are available in the market. Just place the plant in your garden for protection. If you don’t want to purchase one then just apply copper to the frames of your plant. Even this will work out. You can even place pennies made up of copper around the damaged plants.

Old planks or boards: put some old planks or boards at the top of your garden beds. Snails will accumulate in the space kept for them as they are sensitive to sun. The next day you will find the snails dead.

Bugs kill them all: the lightning bugs in their harvesting stage are very hunger. That is why they feed on snails eggs. Let this bugs be in your garden till the period they kill all the snails.

Thus these are some of the ways to get rid of snails.