How To Get Rid of Springtails

Springtails are pests that come in large number. Although they do not cause any harm but they are feared by humans as they come in a group of thousands. They can come to your home either in summer or in winter. Springtails like to live in dusty areas thus they are found in your kitchens, bathrooms, behind the walls and other areas. They feed on decomposed material and fungi and also molds. Thus there are lees chances of them entering your home. But still if they enter you need to have solutions to get rid of them. Here are certain ways on how you could get rid of these springtails:

Soap and Water

All you need to do is to apply water and soap in the areas where you find these pests. This is the simplest way to get rid of them. But this method can only be used if the springtails are in less number.


Vinegar is more effective than soap and water. As it is more acidic that soap. It burns the exteriors of spring tails, thus destroying them. However you need to do this 3 or 4 times whenever this pests infest your home to completely get rid of them.


Bleach immediately kills pests. Use with some amount of water and then spray it on pests. You will see thousands and thousands of spring tails dyeing at a time.

Improve ventilation

The springtails have an affinity towards damper areas. Thus if your house is cool, this spring tails will automatically move to some damper areas. You can switch on your ac when you are not at home. You can even apply insulation on your ceilings.

The above remedies are useful when there are moderate number of springtails. But when they are in very large number you have to make use of insecticides.


An insecticide instantly kills springtails like any other pests. But they can be harmful to you also. Therefore wear safety gears before applying it and also read the instructions given on the bottle. Certain types of insecticides are better in getting rid of springtails. They are as follows:

Bifen granules: Bifen granules can be used both inside and outside your house. Their effect also last longer as compared to other insecticides. The fumes of this solution are capable of killing the springtails instantly.
Insect spray: insect sprays are useful of getting out the insects including springtails out of the cracks and crevices. But wear a safety mask before spraying it, as long exposure to gas can bring about respiratory problems in you.

Liquid insecticide: Bifen granules work well when mixed with liquid insecticides. Not only it kills the springtails instantly but also it increases the effect of granules.

Insecticide dust: do wear a safety gear while spreading this as it is highly corrosive. Spray them in the area where you find springtails and within few minutes they will all vanish.