How To Get Rid of Stink Bugs

The name itself suggests that stink bugs stink. If you happen to disturb this bugs than you will have to bear their stink. These bugs belong to the family of pentatomidae meaning five sections in Greek. This family of their is shared by shield bugs. Stink bugs are not those colorful cute bugs but in fact not very pretty to watch with. They usually have an antenna at the top, a four segmented beak and three tarsal segments. They look like a shield when seen from above. Never ever try to disturb them because they tend to release some bad stink when somebody tries to hurt them. They normally don’t harass people but they are big in size and ugly to look at and they tend to spoil the lovely flowers of your garden when they are around.

Removing Stink Bug Pets

The main thing to keep in mind while getting rid of them is never ever try to squeeze them because if they get killed they tend to release bad odor. Instead try to remove them by holding it with a broom. Below are the ways to get rid without taking many efforts.

1. Seal your House Property

This is one of the best ways to get rid of them. Try to check that there are no cracks or holes outside your house from where they can come in. In case you find one then try to seal them with a hard board or by filling the gap with cement. They normally enter the house when the outside climate is cold.

2. Treat your home with Chemical Repellents

Try to spray a heavy dose of cypermethrine inside and outside of your house. It is used as an insecticide to kill insects specially the stinky ones. It easily gets mixed up with soil and plants and when applied inside your house can stay there for weeks. Do not use hands for spraying them as it can be harmful but instead you can use Spreader Sticker. It would allow the insecticide to go in much faster.

3. Use Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are not just used to remove dirt but are also an effective measure to remove pest. As mentioned above they don’t squeeze them but suck it in a bag. Gradually you can throw the bag as it is or can kill the entire bundle inside the bag and throw. Make sure that you don’t throw them around your apartment.

4. Call a Professional Pest Controller

If you are a scared person then the best way to get rid of these stinky bugs is call a professional pest controller and advise him or let him do on his own. They normally have an idea from where this pests usually enter home and accordingly they go ahead with measures. Thus you also don’t need to but any special equipment for it.

Thus these are the above measures which can be used to get rid of stinking bugs.