How To Get Rid of Termites

Sometimes carpenter ants are blamed for the work of termites but the fact is that the damage that is caused to buildings by insects does not include a large percentage by the ants. The termites come in two different types including the drywood and ground termites and usually the damage is done by the second one and of course, the one that is most difficult to get rid of.

These creatures live in tunnels that are found in the most difficult places to reach that they create with their own handiwork. They come out when they get hungry and yes, it is the wooden part of the house that they like such as the piers, studs and posts that are holding your house up. They also like cellulose so they naturally go for that as well which would include the back side of your drywall.

While sometimes these creatures are called white ants, they are not ants at all. They are closer to being a cockroach than an ant and even though they eat trees that have been taken down but various forces at work, they also can do some very serious damage to your home.

Know the Signs

When you know you have termites you can do something about it. When you find a couple of dead termites, then you may have others that are alive or wanting to mate. Generally you will find tunnels to indicate their presence.

The Professionals

When you find termites you have the option of calling a professional to take care of the problem. The will wrap up your house in something that resembles a tent and seal it off so that there is no escaping what is to come. They then pump in the chemicals, the heat and the liquid nitrogen. In this way you have what will outright kill them, suffocate them or freeze them and in either way, they end up dead. Of course there are other methods than this.

Poisoned Moat

The tunneling termites are more difficult to remove because of their complex tunneling habits. They are very talented in this area. The professional involved in such a thing would build trenches around the area and put poison into them that either kills or repels them. The poison bait is then spread around for the termites that weren’t caught the first time. There are some cautions with this however, especially concerning those who draw water from the well or if there is a drain under the home as the liquid poison can get into these systems.