How To Get Rid of Water Bugs

Water bugs belong to the family of hemiptera. They are very well known by the name toe biters or giant water bugs. They reside in ponds, lakes and fresh water streams. They are mostly found in north and South America and also in East Asia. They grow more than 12 cms in length, although their average height is just 2 cms.

Water bugs belong to the category of pests as they feed on amphibians and fishes. They are stuck to the bottom of the ponds or streams and waiting there unless any prey comes there. Water bugs have got a very bad and painful sting as compared to any animal on the earth. Water bugs have to come out of water every now and then to breathe as they cannot breathe under water. Water bugs are harmful as they have the minds of their own. They should not get better of you, so follow the tips below and learn ways to say good bye to them.

Ways to control population of water bugs

Screens and BTI’s-they are helpful in getting rid of waterbugs that suck your blood or bite your skin. These drugs can also relive you from ticks, chiggers, gnats and mosquitoes. Water bugs can easily enter your house through your open windows. It’s no big deal to them. But window screens can prevent them from entering your home. BTI’s also help to do so. They are derived from bacillus thuringiensis and are better known as mosquito dunks. You just need to spray this in water source like ponds or river near to your house every 30 days as this is the place where water bugs are found. The BTI’s will kill them even before they mature.

Borax– use borax only if you don’t have pets or small children in your house as it may prove harmful to them. Use them in dark areas and sprinkle them in cracks and baseboards. As swimming pool, ponds or river are the areas from where this water bugs enter, you can sprinkle borax outside your home to avoid the water bugs from entering your beautiful house. The grains of the borax stick to the bugs leg and as they slowly consume it, borax will kill them.

Pyrethrums– you can use pyrethrums like ecozone pyrethrum to get rid of this water bugs. If you don’t have one you can even use boric powder. Just dust any of these stuff in the areas which is infected by waterbugs or the area which you think the water bugs may hide in.

Soap detergents– if you have swimming pool at your place, then you must be dealing with the water bugs. All you need to clear them off is to put certain drops of dish detergent in it. Most of them use lemon joy for this. This has really proven to be useful for many of them who have swimming pool at their place.