How To Get Rid of Weevils

People often wonder that in spite of eating healthy food why do they come across some unknown disease called E. coli bacteria. Then you start thinking about from where and how did you get it. Thus you should always take care of what and how clean do you it. In such cases Weevils come into picture. They basically come from a beetle’s family. They are small in size say about ¼ inch or 6 millimeters and are purely herbivores wherein they completely feed on herbs, plants and shrubs. They are the main pests for farmers as they tend to destroy their crop.

Like meal worms even weevils tend to feed on grains, cereals, seeds and even in a bag of flour. So check your food before actually consuming it. The easiest way to check whether weevils are present or not is to check out for granules that are stuck together. If you ingest them then you may suffer from E. coli infection. There are three types of weevils such as acorn weevil, granary weevil and rice weevil.

Below are some measures to control them:

1. Keep your house clean

The first and the foremost step to avoid them is to keep your house clean. Weevils can also come from outside by crawling through your ceilings and cracked windows. If such is the case try to seal the cracks with the sealant.

2. Try to cover the leftover properly

They normally feed on food either fallen down or left over. Try to cover the leftover with plastic or keep them in air tight containers. They tend to grow in a moist and humid area. They also tend to come in from the packaged food. If it is infested please throw it away. Please keep a check on your storage at least once in a month because they take a months time to grow into a full fledges weevil.

3. Clean your shelves

Always keep a habit of cleaning your shelves on regular basis. They are also called as pantry pests. Weevils don’t need plenty of food. So they can starve for few days and can reproduce other small weevils. Thus cleaning would avoid them before they start multiplying.

4. Use boric acid

Try to sprinkle boric acid in your stored grains and cereals as they stay away from it. But still you need to keep a check on the same as there are chances of them growing again. Be careful while using it as it can harm you as well.

5. Keep the kitchen dry

Nothing works better than keeping your house clean. Always make a point to keep your kitchen sink clean and dry because it would not only invite weevils but also other pests like spiders and roaches. Throw all the leftovers in dustbin and have a habit of cleaning your garbage bins regularly. If you don’t clean the garbage bin then they would start multiplying in it.

Thus above are some ways to get rid of Weevils.