How To Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are small creatures but at the same time very dangerous for your health. As the name suggests they are yellow in color and more or less resemble to a bee. Getting rid of them need to be done at the earliest as their bite can land you up in hospital. They are considered to be the most violent creature among pests. They are commonly known as Wasps and they are further classified as members of Vespula and Dolichovespula genera. They have yellow and black markings all over their body and just like bees they feed on nectar of the flowers, fruits, trees sap and when they don’t find food outside they tend to enter your house.

Like ants Yellow Jackets also live in colonies and they have a Queen Yellow Jacket and other Working Yellow Jackets. A queen jacket can grow as much as 19 millimeters in length and can lay 10,000 to 13,000 eggs. She then feeds them for 18 to 20 days until they are mature enough to work independently. The female yellow jackets in that sense can be hurtful and she can also be repetitive in doing it. Most of them have venomous sting but it can be more harmful to only those who are allergic to it. Though yellow jackets looks like bees but their nests are built up like spiders. They use fiber from the woods and their saliva to build up their nest and it doesn’t stay for long. Mostly they start building up the nest during summer which lasts only till mid winter. Some of them built underground while others built it above the ground.
Below are some tips to get rid of them

1. Ensure your House is Clean

The easiest way to get rid of them is by keeping your house clean. No food should be kept out and if it’s there try to cover it with plastic or cloth. If you have any pet at home try to keep their food inside your home and that too covered unless they are not eating. Always keep your windows closed and if not possible then seal it. Ensure that the garbage bins are emptied regularly.

2. Remove the Nest

If yellow jackets built up the nest in your house then it is essential to remove it. This can be done by you or you can take help of professionals and get it done. The best way is either to remove it entirely or poison it to kill the yellow jackets and its larva. They are very scared of flying at night or in cold temperatures. So the best time to remove it is at night or when the temperature is chilled.

3. Use Insecticide

Chemical and Organic Insecticide both can be used to remove the nest. However Chemical insecticide is more effective then organic ones. But make sure you are wearing gloves before spraying it. Also try to wear something thick which would keep you away from its sting.

Above tips will help you to get rid of the yellow jackets.