How To Get Rid of Stink Bugs

There are many instances that you may witness a high number of stink bugs invading your house. This mostly common during winter where they find a good place where they can hide from harsh weather conditions that they may not be able to survive from. They always like to hide on curtains and other garment material in the house such as cloths as well as beddings. They also like to invade home gardens where they spend a lot of their time destroying flowers that may be growing. They lay their eggs on flowers and these eggs produce some awful odor that is used to prevent birds and other predators from eating them.

This is what makes many people to hate seeing the stink bugs in their houses or even in their compounds. There are several good ways that you can use to make these flies to stay away from your house. You should study them so that you can have an idea of knowing how to deal with this kind of problem. The first thing that you should know when you are trying to make your house free from these insect is to identify the ways that you can make your house to be inhabitable by these types of insects.

So what should you do to keep the stink bugs away from your home?

1. The first and important thing that you should always have in mind is to know is that these are normal insects just like any other insects. You should have insect management method that you carryout in your house to keep away the insects from your house and compounds. Some of the most common method of doing this is the use of insecticides that kill the insects although this is advisable to be done by people with experience of doing this to avoid incidents of misuse of the chemical that could lead to fatal accidents.

2. You can always use some traps that are specifically made for this class of insects. There are ready made traps that are available in the shops that you can buy in case you need to get rid of bugs in your house and compound. These trap[s are then placed in areas where stink bugs love to stay and to breed and thereby you can eliminate these insects from your compound and house for good.

3. Another good method that you can use to eliminate these insect is the use of spreader sticker that is more effective than the sprays that is used to kill the insects. This insect has a hard skin that normal spray is not able to penetrate and therefore require a stronger and efficient method of killing these insects.

4. Manual removal of stink bugs is another great way that you can eliminate these insects or pests in your home.