Tips To Get Rid of Weevils

The small animal that mostly consumes plant material known a weevil is one of the hardest things that you can be able to keep off. They feed on grain that is dry and this is where the larvae of this animal lives. These pests can cause several diseases which include E-coli that affect animal a well a human being.

Whenever one has this problem there is a chance that this person can experience some diarrhea that may not be that serious. But for animal such a chicken they are affected by this drug and usually can die due to this disease. Also there are human who may develop other serious condition that may lead to very severe condition that includes kidney failure and also some fatal instances when there is a problem.

However all thee can be avoided if one can be able to deal by riding off of the weevil that cause these problem. Below are some of the tips that you should use when you want to get rid of weevil from your home and by following the necessary tips that are given below you will be able to avoid all the problem that are listed above

What you need to do o that you get rid of weevil

1. The first thing that you should do is to ensure that you place the seed that you want to store and place them on a plate where you can heat them up to 60 degrees. This can be a good way that you can use to kill the weevil in the seed and you can use the seed to plant whenever you have any problem with it.

2. Whenever you want to buy food and more especially grain you should buy in small quantity that you can consume in a very short period. Alternatively you should have grain store that you can be able to use when storing these grains. This is a good way that you can use to avoid causing good stock of food from having weevils as they can eat a whole such of grains without the owner noticing anything.

3. You should not mix old stock of grains with new stock as this may cause some confusion and result weevil are more likely to infest the older stock that the new one and by storing the grains for a long time this can cause the whole stock to get destroyed.

4. Also you should clean shelves very well and this can help to keep the pest away leading to better storing of your grains. There is also high chance that your food will not be infected by the weevils if you keep it is clean environment that is disinfected regularly.