How To Get Rid of Moles In Your Yard

Moles are rat-like rodents that live underground and are blind. Their specialty is burrowing. They spend most of the time burrowing tunnels underground in search of earthworms, beetle larvae and other ground-dwelling insects. Although they do not bite and are not known to carry diseases, they can still cause a lot of trouble by damaging vegetable gardens and yards. As they rarely come out in the open, traps and poison are not effective against them. However, you can still remove them from your yard using the following methods:

Using mole repellents: You can keep away mole from your yard using homemade mole repellents such as a mixture of soap, pepper and bleach. Look for mole holes and pour the mixture down the holes. This will not kills the moles, but it is sure to drive them away.

Using mole bait: Earthworms are a mole’s favorite food and you can use one as bait. Dig out some earthworms, lace them with bromethalin and drop them down mole holes. Bromethalin is a powerful neurotoxin and when the mole eats the earthworm, it will quickly die. Use a pair of latex gloves when putting the chemical on the earthworm and keep it out of reach of children.

Deprive the mole of food source: The primary food sources of the mole are earthworms and Japanese beetle larvae, commonly known as grub. If you can remove these from your yard, the moles will go away to other places where food is more easily available. While removing earthworms is detrimental to the garden, they can be removed from other places where plants do not need to be grown. One way to remove earthworms and grub is to dehydrate the yard by spreading a find layer of diatomaceous earth. Once the food source is removed, the moles will automatically disappear.

Physical barriers: Although good diggers, moles cannot dig through dense and tough materials. Dig a trench around your yard, garden, patios and walkways and fill the same with soil and gravel. This prevents the moles from entering your yard. The trench should be deep enough so that the moles will not be able to dig a tunnel under it.

Using castor oil: Moles don’t like castor oil because it irritates their skin and gives them an itch. Water the yard thoroughly and pour castor oil all over the yard with the help of a spray bottle. This will penetrate the earth and drive the mole away.

Using moth balls: These harmless things can also be effective weapons against moles. Find the actively used tunnels and put the moth balls in their entrances.

Mole traps: Mole traps with an earthworm or grub can be places at the entrance of mole holes (tunnels), but they are not as effective as mouse traps because moles rarely come out of the ground.