How To Get Rid of a Pollen Stain

Who doesn’t love the beautiful sight of blooming flowers or their sweet scent? But when those lovely flowers leave a pollen stain on your favourite attire it does cause your face to wither into a frown! You don’t necessarily have to be gardening to get pollen stains on your clothes, you may be walking or sitting around flowers or simply arranging a bouquet; pollen stains can catch you unawares. The best way to avoid pollen stains would obviously be to stay away from flowers, but who can resist the charm of a blooming fresh bouquet? A catch 22 situation, right? Don’t panic because we are here with several ways to get rid of these stubborn stains, just read on.

Pollen Stain

First Aid!

If you see a pollen stain act on it immediately! The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to get it off. Do not try to rub it as this will only engrain the stain deeper into the fabric. Simply shake the fabric to dust off the pollen and let it fall on its own. Just try to take off as much pollen as you can before using detergents or stain removers on the garment, thereafter you can treat the cloth with any of the methods given below.

Stick It

Use an adhesive tape to rip off pollen from your clothes so as to prevent it from spoiling your clothes further. Just take a piece of tape and gently put it over the affected area, then immediately pull it off. This will remove the excess pollen. Do not press the tape or leave it for long as that may cause pollen to stick to the fabric.

Cold Soak

If the stain is fresh, this method will work best. Soak the garment in cold water with a detergent and leave it for half an hour. Then rinse the garment and apply a stain remover directly on the stained area. Thereafter either wash the garment in hot water or apply heat by using a blow dryer. Rinse it again and viola the stain is gone!

Dry Cleaning Solvent

You can use a dry cleaning solvent for tougher stains or if the stain is old. After you have dusted off any excess pollen, just dab some dry cleaning agent on the spot and even on the inside of the garment. Then press the garment against an absorbent towel and watch the stain leave your garment. If there is some stain left, just soak the garment in detergent and rub gently. Thereafter leave it to dry in the air.

Expose To Sunlight

Leaving a garment in the sun can sometimes cause the stain to fade away. This works for lighter stains which simply vanish or fade away when exposed to sunlight. However, do read the instructions on the garment label before leaving it to dry in the sun.

The Lesson

Although no one likes to end up with pollen stain, but if you do, never ever rub it! Always gently dust off the pollen; this is the first step everyone needs to follow if you do not want the stain to stay on your favourite dress forever. Also, be very careful while handling flowers, especially lilies, as they are known to leave nasty and stubborn stains. If you do get a stain that is tough, you may have to wash and re-wash the garment or employ more than one stain removing method. Always remember to wash your clothes in a gentle detergent (preferably an enzymatic detergent) and use a fabric conditioner afterwards as stain removers can cause the fabric to lose its shine and softness.

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