How To Get Rid of BBQ Stains

Somewhere in the world it’s barbecue time, even more so today when fast food outlets serve BBQ wraps. So what happens when that lovely juicy sauce leaks out and before you know it, you have it all down your clothes? In this article we will give you some tips in getting the stain out so that your favorite item of clothing stays exactly that – your favorite. We will also provide advice on how to remove the stain from your rug or shag pile further on in the article.

Removing BBQ Stain from Clothes

The first thing you need to remember is that a wet stain is an easier stain to remove. In order to get the sauce out of your shirt, dress or trousers if you can, keep it wet. A dry stain is a tough stain. Needless to say check the cleaning instructions on your garments to make sure none of our advice is contrary to these. If they are, then skip that step.

  1. Assuming you have kept it wet, blot the stain with kitchen towel or tissues. DO NOT rub it or apply pressure. Let the sauce soak in to the paper, until you have absorbed as much as possible. In the event the sauce has dried try and remove any excess using the blunt edge of a knife or something similar.
  2. Run the material under a cold tap from BEHIND the stain at as high a pressure as possible in order to push the sauce to the surface.
  3. Put on some detergent (liquid if available) so that it covers stain, then gently fold the stain on itself and rub gently. Leave to stand for a few minutes and then rinse again under the cold tap. If this is working repeat the process until the stain has been eradicated.
  4. You can buy a proprietary stain remover from your local store. These come in all shapes and sizes such as roll-on stick,, spray, liquid with brush or sponge etc. whichever you choose make sure you read the instruction on use and follow these carefully. You could, if your article of clothing permits use a bleach product and soak it either in a bowl or in your machine. Hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar and lemon juice make an alternative to bleach but be very careful if using this method. If your clothing says no bleach (a triangle with an ‘X’ ) do not use this method.

Whichever of the above you choose you need to wash the article after stain removal. Do this in the normal way using your usual detergent. If the stain has gone then dry it as you usually would. If it has not, then do not dry the article, but try again. If all this fails then take it to a dry cleaner and hope for the best.

Removing BBQ stains from Carpets

  1. As with clothing the trick is to get to the stain as quickly as possible and keep it wet. Blot away at it with either, a clean sponge or paper towel, until it is dry, and then dampen again with water and a washing up liquid or detergent. Repeat the process over and over again as the stain gets lighter and lighter.
  2. Baking soda and white vinegar will help if the stain persists. The vinegar will cause the soda to fizz and will help lift the stain. Then repeat the above.
  3. If the stain has dried into the carpet then you will need to resort to the blunt knife again to scrape away any excess. If you have a deep pile try using a brush or comb (a dog comb is particularly good). Then vacuum your carpet in the usual way.
  4. Next apply a carpet stain remover available from your local supermarket, again following the instructions very carefully.

If all the above fails then you will have to consider having the carpet cleaned professionally, or just buy a new carpet!