How To Get Rid of Chocolate Stains

How many times has it happened to you or one of yours. You are tucking into a bar of chocolate, or an eclair, and when you look down there it is, a chocolate stain on your shirt/dress or whatever. Don’t worry it happens to all of us at some time or another. Here are a few steps you can take to restore your clothing to its former self.

Remedies for Removing a Chocolate Stain from Clothing:

  1.  Firstly check the care label to make sure none of our tips will do any damage, if they will then skip that particular step.
  2. Now you need to allow the stain to dry. You could pop it into the refrigerator to let it harden. When it has, try scraping off the excess chocolate with the blunt side of a knife.
  3. Turn the garment inside out, and run the hot tap at as high a pressure as possible so that you are pushing the stain out of the material. (DO check the care label in case hot water damages the material).
  4. You should now be looking at a smaller fainter blemish. Douse this with either washing up liquid or detergent and soak for ten minutes or so.
  5. Fold the material in on itself and gently rub the two folds together to agitate the soap until the stain as disappeared. Rinse the soap off thoroughly using hot water.
  6. In the unlikely event the above has not worked, or you spilt more choccie than was good for you. Put the item in your washer with a gallon of whole milk. Leave to soak for thirty minutes and then run the machine on your normal cycle.

If after everything there are any grease stains left, run the wash cycle again to remove any residue.

Removing a Chocolate Stain from Carpets or Furniture

Unlike the above your sofa and rug probably will not fit in your fridge, so lets approach it from a different angle.

  1. As always we leave the stain to dry before trying to remove any excess chocolate with the blunt side of a knife. Vacuum up any particles you have dislodged.
  2. Heat your iron to a low setting (usually 1 will suffice), place a sheet of paper towel over the stain and then place the iron on top, so that the chocolate begins to melt and soak into the paper.
  3. Continue this process, replacing the paper towel regularly, so you do not re-iron the chocolate into the garment. Be careful not to have the iron too hot.
  4. Finally spot treat the area with either a proprietary carpet cleaner, or liquid detergent, and blot dry.

Chocolate is a guilty pleasure the majority of us enjoy, but its better in your mouth than down your front, well when you are dressed it is!