How To Get Rid of Every Kind of Carpet Stain

Carpet takes the brunt of most household stains, and, unfortunately, it can be the hardest flooring to remove stains from. The good news is, most carpet stains can actually be removed using ingredients you already have around the house. With a few items, some elbow grease, a little patience and this article, you can have your carpet spotless and back to its original color in no time.


Always attempt to remove blood stains immediately after they occur. Blot it up with cold water- never use hot, it can cause blood to permeate into the carpet. Proceed to apply and blot the stain with a bleach-free cleaner. This may take a few attempts, as blood tends to stain deeply and quickly.

Pet Stains

Most pet stains can be removed with vinegar and baking soda. Pour enough vinegar on the stain to soak it and then top it with a little baking soda. Leave the spot for 24 hours, cover it with a paper plate so as not to track baking soda everywhere, and then sweep and vacuum it up.

 Carpet Stains

Juice, Soda

Begin by blotting up the excess liquid, then sponge the stain with a solution of one teaspoon powder laundry detergent and 1 teaspoon white vinegar, dissolved in one liter of warm water.

Grease, Oil

Placing a paper towel over the stain (after blotting) and ironing it on a low, warm setting should allow the oil or grease to remove from the carpet and stick to the paper towel.


Blot the stain first and then spritz with a mixture of vinegar, water, and non-bleach cleaner. Rinse and repeat until the stain disappears.


Washable ink can easily be removed by applying a simple cleaning solution of one quarter teaspoon white vinegar mixed with 32 ounces of water. Non-washable ink can be treated by dampening a cloth with ispropyl alcohol and dabbing the stain, then rinsing with water and vacuuming up excess moisture. This may need to be repeated a few times.


One tablespoon of ammonia mixed with one cup of water should take wine stains right out of most carpets (except for wool or wool-blend carpets, for those use a mild detergent mixed with water).


Makeup is easy to smear and can quickly become an unsightly stain. Most lipstick stains can be removed by dabbing with water until stain disappears- try using mild detergent if that doesn’t work. Mascara and eyeliner can be removed by dabbing dishwashing liquid with one or two drops of water on the stain. Liquid foundation stains are best removed with peroxide, and powder-based stains are easily lifted with laundry detergent.

Dirt, Mud

Always vacuum up excess mess before treating dirt and mud stains. Dip a cloth into a detergent solution and dab the stain repeatedly, then let it sit on the stain for 15 minutes. Then you can soak up the excess liquid with a dry cloth. Repeat until the carpet is clear.

Wax, Gum

When candle wax drips to the floor or gum falls out of our mouths, it can seem impossible to scrub out of carpet. The best way to treat these stains is by placing an ice pack on the wax or gum and letting it sit until the wax is hard enough to shatter- once shattered, vacuum up the pieces. Apply a small amount of carpet cleaners to what’s left, and blot, then blot with a clean, wet towel.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to handle any carpet stain like a champion.

Jon Bibb is the founder and owner of Steamer’s Carpet Care, a carpet cleaning company in San Antonio, Texas. In his time in the industry, Jon has seen his share of carpet stains.