How to Get Rid of Jewelry Tarnish

If you love wearing trendy jewelry then it is for sure that you must be having copper and silver jewelry too. These are some what semi reactive metals. And thus there are chances that rust and oxidation may happen and so there may be tarnishing occurring to the jewelry. Tarnish makes the jewelry quite dull and so one must be able to deal with this issue. Here are a few solutions and remedies that will help in getting rid of jewelry tarnish.

You can use some of the methods that will help in removing the tarnish as caused to the jewelry. The good news is that most of these solutions or remedies come from the household items. Of course there are some commercial products also available for this purpose. But some experts claim that it can rather make the jewelry thin.

Baking soda is an amazing option of making the silver jewelry and vessels shine again. Take a dish and keep an aluminum foil on it. And then keep the jewelry on that foil. Now, boil some water and put baking soda in that. Once the soda gets mixed with water perfectly start pouring water on the jewelry. This will make your silver jewelry shine again.

Vinegar is a bit smelly option. But it’s truly wonderful in keeping the tarnish of jewelry at bay. Your browser may not support display of this image. Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar in some salt in a shallow dish. Then take the pieces of jewelry and immerse on the dish. This will definitely remove the tarnish. As soon as the tarnish is removed just put the water thoroughly on the jewelry. This will make it shine again. Remember, this is a perfect solution for copper jewelry tarnish.

Have you ever thought what lemon juice can do. Take used lemons from which you have almost taken out the juice. This is the cheapest way of getting rid of jewelry tarnish. Rub the used lemon on tarnished jewelry and see the results you get will be awesome. You may even use lemon in juice and then use this juice thoroughly on it.

The best way is to prevent tarnish to occur on the jewelry is to take certain preventive measures from the inception itself. While storing the jewelry also keep a chalk piece along with it. Make it a point that you replace that chalk every month. While storing the jewelry of silver and copper you may use tightly sealed plastic bags. Many times tarnish occurs due to your sweat. Thus after you remove then you must take a clean cloth and dry the jewelry completely. In the market, you will find no-tarnish strips. Buy them and while storing this you must add strip to it. Many times the stones that are studded on the jewelry has the chance of causing reaction and thus test the must be done to find out more about the stones. Stay prevented so that you can make your jewelry shine and do not let it tarnish.