How To Get Rid of Make-Up Stains

Girls just love to get ready and have some make up. This is the most exciting thing for them specially if it’s a girl’s night out or they are on a date with boys. If you are a girl who has chosen a good outfit and then a perfect matching accessory and then finally got ready with make up. But when you just look at the mirror, you got horrified looking at the make up stains on your top. This is the worst moment.

This is something very common for women. Stains may occur on hankies, towels or any such household or personal item. Suppose, if something like this has happened and you don’t have time to wash them at all. In such a case you just have to do some dry clean kind of thing which is less messy and less time consuming. The first and the easiest thing is to rub it with the wet sponge. This will help in erasing the stain. If you are lucky then you won’t have to try any other tactic.

Keep some baby wipes at hand. Whenever some make up stains occur you may use them. They are quite convenient and effective. And the best thing is that they work positively almost on all kind of make up stains.

If the stains are of the make up items that are non-oil based then merely using the soap bar on that area and then the wet sponge will work wonders. You will just have to keep the area affected for drying in fan for a while. You may even take some liquid detergent and apply on the affected area with the stains. Then rub it thoroughly. You will be surprised to see the results that you get just within a few minutes.

You may even rely on baking soda. Just sprinkle some on the affected part and then brush them gently. You may take an old toothy brush for this. There is one more option and that is combining shaving cream with club soda. This is an amazing technique. It is a bit time consuming. But it is far more effective then other remedies.

Remember; do not let the make up stain dry out. Take steps immediately to remove the stain. This is because; otherwise you will have pretty hard time removing the stains.

The best way to avoid stains is to take the preventive steps. You may apply make up after you wear your top or dress. But at that time please use a towel of something to cover your clothes. This can avoid the stains to the maximum extent. You may even use a plastic sheet to cover your top. Prevention of stains is far easy than removal of the stains. You must be very careful while applying the make up. Some stains are simple to deal with while others will really give you very hard time. Keep this in mind and then apply make up.