How To Get Rid of Pencil Stains

Pencil stains can be removed form the paper easily just with the eraser. But when these stains are there either on fabrics, clothes or on the wall then things are really going to be tough. These stains won’t fade away from fabrics easily. You will need good amount of hard work.

It is worth noting that normal washing with soap or detergent and water will not be that effective. And thus, you have to remove this option. Now, you will have to find out other options that are effective enough.

Many people do not understand that eraser will be really useful in removing the stains from the fabrics as well as walls. It’s just that you have to work a bit harder. Use art gum eraser. It works in the perfect manner.

Take some powder detergent and put it on that part of the stains. And then take the tooth brush and add a few drops of water and wash thoroughly. Then you will see the wonderful results that you get.

Tooth paste is also a very good option. Tooth paste has the tendency to remove the stains from your teeth. Thus, you can confide on this thing as it will help in removing the pencil stains too from the fabrics and walls. You will have to use this tooth paste therapy some 2-3 times for complete removal of pencil stains. But you must use non-gel tooth paste for removal of stains. If you have stains on the wall then you can use the razor to scrape the wall. But this is really a partial remedy and thus you have to rely on detergents later on.

Ammonia is a power stain removing agent. Thus, what you must do is mix detergent and ammonia in some water. This strong solution will help in removal of stains. If the stains are quite stub born then too this will be a bit tough. If the pencil is colored pencil then there will really be a problem.

If nothing works then it would be apt to give the shirt or the clothes for dry-cleaning. You may even take dry cleaning at home. But you must learn proper way of doing the same. You may even buy dry cleaning solutions from the market. This will be affordable and the dry cleaning taken at home will be convenient.

Even hydrogen peroxide is a good way of getting rid of pencil stains. But you have to dilute it. However, before applying any such chemical thoroughly on the wall, surfaces or fabrics see to it that it does not react adversely. This can damage the surface. Test the sample on the small surface first and then only put it thoroughly on other parts.

You are now aware as to there are so many things that can be done in order to get rid of pencil stains. This article is really going to be useful to all those who have small kids at home.