How To Get Rid of Permanent Marker Stains

Sometimes, even a slight mark of the permanent marker can leave a prominent mark which can really be very difficult to remove. Whether it’s a business presentation or some discussion in a class or a slide presentation, markers are common. You just can’t avoid using them. But it is vital to note that one will have a tough time getting rid of permanent marker stains.

But, first you must understand as to why is permanent marker permanent and what is it made out of? In most of the cases, the permanent markers are made out of pigment that are water resistant and are xylene and toluene. Xylene and toluene are volatile yet toxic chemicals. They are normally derived from petroleum processing. Some manufacturers have now started using alcohol or water based pigments.

But the good news is that even though the marker has got the name permanent marker, the stains are not permanent. You can remove them. The pigments in the marker do not act like dye but it acts like a bonding on the material.

Suppose, if you want to remove the stains from the white board then just cotton dipped in nail polish remover or acetone can easily remove the stains. Normally, small and little stains will go away with a few minutes of cleaning. But if there are many stains then in that case it will take some more time.
Just mind well that when permanent marker stains are there on the clothes you will have some amount of tough time. Here are some of the solutions for removal of the stains:

  • Bleach it out. If the marker stain is on the white shirt then the option of bleaching is practical. On colored clothes bleaching is not recommended.
  • If you want to save time then you will have to spend some amount of money in purchasing a commercial power cleanser.
  • If the cloth on which there is stain is not quite sensitive to acetone then you may directly apply acetone on the cloth stains. If the cloth is sensitive then make acetone milder.
  • Do you know citrus fruits are amazing and a very good option of removing marks and stains? You may try lemon or orange juice.

Many children use their daddy’s permanent markers on the walls. This will really give you a very hard time. Well, many people believe that repainting the wall is the only option. But it is not so. You may try out certain things which may help. Use acetone to clean the wall. This is a chemical which helps in removing all the stains form the wall. You may opt for a high pressure washer. Take hot water and detergent while washing.

You have to put in a few efforts which will help you in getting rid of the stains. Some efforts and the right technique will give you amazing results. So, don’t be negative. Work towards removal of stains and keep it clean.