How To Get Rid of Ring Around the Collar

If you are embarrassed with the color of your collar then it is due to the stains. You can say good bye to those stains. That is quite possible. Rings that occur around the collar of your white shirt are mainly due to accumulation of soil and dirt. It is due to oil of the body reacting to the dirt. There is simply nothing you can do about it. But what you can do is get rid of those stains at the earliest.

You will need to take some items like detergent, old tooth brush, soap etc. But before you start cleaning those stains make it a point to have a glance on the label of the shirt. There might be recommendations as to what precautions needs to be taken in order to clean the shirt. Normally, only detergent will be enough. But if the stain is too prominent and you are confident that the stain will take enough of time to go then in that case you may use a degreaser. These are commercial products that are helpful in removing heavy duty stains. You may buy it from the market.

Take lots of degreaser and put it on the tooth brush. Now, gently rub the tooth brush on the stains. Now, add some detergent to cool water and apply ample of it on the collar. After the stains are removed you may again putt the shirt in the washing machine and wash it moderately.

Ring Around the Collar

But if you want some home remedies and do not want to spend money then you can make a cleaner in your home itself. Here’s the recipe to make home made cleaners. Take liquid detergent and ammonia and mix them in water. Bottle this mixture in the spray bottle. Now, spray this liquid on the collar and then use the tooth brush to rub the collar thoroughly. Now, after keeping this just like that for sometime you can wash this off.

If you have white shirts and you have white dresses then in that case you must make a mixture having half water and half vinegar. Keep the clothes in this mixture for the whole night. And then in the morning use normal detergent soap for washing the clothes. Rinse well and the results that you will see are amazing.

You may even use bleach for clothes so that you can remove that ring on the collar and bring yourself out of the embarrassing situation. You may even try shampoo for ring on the collar. Lemon juice is also a very good option.

Thus every time you don’t have to depend on costly detergents and heavy duty grease removers. You can make your home made solution. There are so many items that can be used. And they are mostly either in your bathroom or it is there in your kitchen. Just know how to use them and save lots of pennies. You will be able to successfully make your shirts white.