How To Get Rid of Soy Sauce Stains

Soy sauce is not the toughest stain to eliminate. However, sometimes this substance when spilled on clothing leaves behind a sightly unbearable smell and unsightly appearance.

This can be especially inconvenient when you drop some of this substance on a piece of white clothing or other light surface. If this has happened to you, relax. There is still hope. You can just use the tips you see below to remove the stains for good.

Steps to remove soy sauce stains:

1. Attend to the stain while it is still fresh. Simply put, the sooner you blot out a soy sauce stain the better off you are. If you are able to rinse out or blot out the soy sauce while it is still wet you stand a better chance of being able to remove it completely. It is highly advised that you complete the rinsing step right away at least and if you are home machine wash your shirt right away.

2. If place water does not work, try a mild detergent or homemade cleaning solution. Usually dish washing detergent such as Dawn that cuts grease or regular laundry soap would help in a situation like this. A non-toxic stain remover also would help.

These materials are usually found at local laundry or grocery stores. All you need to do is mix a small amount of detergent with water. If you need more specific instructions you should look at the instructions printed on the ingredient labels.

Otherwise, a standard mixture can be applied. Usually about one teaspoon of mild dish soap with a cup of water is all you need. You first would pour this mixture on the stained area and then let it sit a minute or two. After that you would blot the stain dry.

3. Another alternative method has been used for many generations. That is, ice is placed on the stain. All you need to do is rub ice over the stained area.

Then run cold water over the soy sauce while you rub the affected spot with your hands. This may not always work but it should work in most cases. It is a method that is definitely worth of try if you are at wits end with trying other approaches.

More Advice

Remember, the key to successful soy sauce stain removal is in making sure you remove the stain as soon as you notice it. If necessary, you could even leave the dinner table while you are out if that is what it takes.

If it is a formal occasion you are attending I am sure that the people at your table would be more than understanding. They may think you just need to relieve yourself in the restroom anyway, and they may not have even noticed the soy sauce spill.

Of course, your last resort may be kind of expensive. You may be able to send your items to a dry cleaner if you want to ensure that the stains are removed as thoroughly as possible.