How To Get Rid of White Board Markings

Whether in a classroom or an office you want to remove the white board marks then there are a few things that you will have to do. White board marks are truly not pleasant and board looks good only when it is completely clean. Even though you use the board cleaner, still there are a few marks that remain on it. Marks are not completely removed. And when you use permanent markers on the white board accidently then you will really have very tough time removing the marks caused due to that.

Have you heard of dry eraser? It will help in removal of dry erase marker. With this eraser marker draw over the marks you want to erase and you will get amazing results.

Can you believe that even a pencil eraser can give you relief from the stains that are there on the white board? You won’t believe this and so you may feel it ineffective. But it is not so. It will work greatly on the white board. After applying or rubbing the eraser what you must do is take the rug and rub the board gently.

You may even buy lacquer thinner as it is a strong solvent and it has got with dissolving properties. Take this thinner and apply it on the cloth Then wipe the board gently and you will see that the results are simply superb. Apart from this, there are so many other remedies that you may us. There are so man home based items that will work in removing the marks from the white board. Just an ordinary tooth paste is also marvelous and effective. Take plain white tooth paste or gel and then wipe the board with a cloth taking some tooth paste on that. Even peroxide has this kind of property. You may use it as an effective stain remover. Take peroxide in small cloth or paper towel and rub the board lightly. You will get rid of stains soon. Keep baby wipes with you even if you don’t have babies. This is quite useful remedy. The basic design of baby wipes is meant or cleaning purpose. Merely using baby wipes can also help in stain removal from the white board. Juts try this and you will be surprised to see that marks are fading away.

Muscle which is effective for cramps in muscles can have amazing results. It has the bleaching property. The only thing is that it has an irritating smell which may affect your mindset. Try out deodorant also. It will help you get rid of those bad white board marks. This is an ideal option and will give amazing results. You may even rely on some commercial products as available in the market meant for removing white board marks.

Oxy clean just works like peroxide. You must mix it with some water and then rub this paste with the cloth on the board. You will be surprised to see the marks getting faded.