How To Remove Adhesive Tape Stains

Adhesive tape stains can, at times, be really annoying. They can destroy almost anything, right from your cotton dress to household surfaces, expensive carpets and even gold jewellery. People suggest a number of things to clean such tape stains, like Thinner, Nail Polish Remover, Petroleum Jelly, Kerosene, Baking Soda, Liquid Fluid, Alcohol, Vegetable Oil, Paint Thinner, Vinegar, Toothpaste, Peanut Butter, Margarine, Mayonnaise, Perfumes, Furniture Polish, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Aftershave. Let’s see how useful they are and how they work on different surfaces and materials. Here is a complete guide to clean your adhesive tape stains:


For Cotton Clothing

Removing adhesive tape stains is very simple. All one has to do is to scrape the stain and blot with an absorbent pad. Use any well-known cleaning fluid brand to sponge the stain spot. Let it dry completely and send over the clothing item to a laundry for best results.

For Expensive Natural & Synthetic Fur

Be cautious while removing adhesive tape stains from fur, be it natural or faux fur. Use ice cubes to freeze the cloth. Once the adhesive hardens, use a blunt instrument to gently remove the stains. Always scrape in the direction of the fur. If the glue has adhered to the tip of the fur, you may cut it using a pair of scissors, too.

For Delicate Non-washable Fibres like Carpet

If you want to get rid of adhesive tape stains from silk, wool and rayon, follow the same method for scraping off the extra gummy matter as the one described for cleaning fur. Thereafter, apply a cleaning fluid or spot lifter over the surface where the stain is more pronounced. Let it stand for an hour or even longer if the stain is not properly removed. Use a sponge over the stain area for cleaning. A dry cleaning solvent should be applied in light strokes. Let the spot dry thoroughly.

For Synthetic Clothing

Nylon, Burlap, Acrylic, Polyester and other synthetic clothing need a little extra care. So gently remove the stain by applying a gentle fluid. Use a liquid spotter along with ammonia over the stain. Use a brush to tamp the cloth. Keep blotting. Wash in cold water and let it dry.

For Household Surfaces

Whether you want to remove adhesive tape stains from tiles, plexiglass, enamels made of copper, asphalt, alabaster, vinyl, acrylic, or plastic surfaces, you just have to scrape excess of gummy stain and soak the surface in warm water. Now use a non-abrasive brush to scrub the surface. Some more warm water will ensure that the tape stain gets soft and then you can wipe it off easily with a dry cloth.

For Steel, Iron and Other Alloys

Clear as much residue of the adhesive tape as possible with your finger. You also can use tweezers to get rid of residual tape. Now soak the stained portion in warm soapy water. After a couple of hours, the gluey effect will reduce tremendously. In case of residual gummy substance, use a scouring pad for scraping.

For Furniture

If your furniture made of cane, wrought iron, wood or bamboo has adhesive tape stains, just use some mild soapy water to wet the stain surface. Use a sponge to rub. Don’t use a brush. You may also add drops of ammonia to the soap. Rinse with water and dry in sun.

For Precious Metals

For stains on expensive metals, such as gold, add ammonia in some soapy water and let gold stay immersed in this solution. Now use a toothbrush to clean the piece of jewellery. Rinse it in cold water and pat dry with a cotton fabric.

Most of the sticky labels employ adhesives that once adhere to your expensive clothing, kitchen ware, steel and glass utensils or any other thing, doesn’t go easily. This attracts dust and looks dirty and unhygienic. So why live with this unpleasant texture when you have simple ways of getting rid of adhesive tape stains?

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