How To Remove Chalk Stains

If you have kids at home, who have just started writing and playing with crayons, you are bound to get a chalk stain or you already have one. White chalks are not much of a problem but these days the colored chalk stains can be quite a nightmare. The trickiest part is that most people treat all stains the same way and they think giving the chalk stained fabric a wash will solve the problem. Surprisingly, it only aggravates the problem. This is because chalk stains are not like regular stains and they smear on the fabric when water is applied. Therefore, chalk stains need to be treated a little differently and innovatively. Here are sure shot ways of removing chalk stains.

Shake off And Vacuum The Fabric

As soon as you get a chalk stain, the first thing you should do is to shake of the fabric as much as possible so that the chalk dust is removed. If you cannot shake the fabric like a sofa or a carpet, use a white towel and hold it from one end while hitting on the effected area from the other. Once you know that the excess dust is gone, it is now time to vacuum the fabric. Vacuum the effected area as much as possible. Mostly, this should do the job. However, if there is still some stain go on to the next treatment below.

Remove Chalk Stains

Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol treatment is the most natural and sure shot way of treating chalk stain. Put some undiluted alcohol on the sponge and blot it on the stain area. Once the stain has gone, use a wet towel to wipe off the alcohol. Alternatively, wash the fabric after giving it alcohol treatment. Vodka is said to be one of the best form of alcohol against stains.

White Chalk

This can be another innovative way to remove the stain. If the chalk stain is of a color other than white, use a white chalk to rub it on the stain area. Now shake the fabric to get rid off the excess dust. Follow this process by vacuuming the fabric. White chalk is a good cleaning agent and is often used by many people to remove greasy stains. However, make sure that you use the original board chalk.



Put some dry borax on the stain area and leave it for a couple of minutes. Now scrape out the borax using a spoon or table knife. Mostly, the color of the chalk stain should fade away considerably. Repeat the process until necessary. Once you are convinced, either wash the fabric as usual or use alcohol to clear the stain.

Dish-washing Liquid Wash

This is best for surfaces, which cannot be washed like upholstery or carpet. However, before doing this follow the routine process of vacuuming the effected area using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you set the machine on the highest power to get rid off any possible dust. Once you have followed the process, you are now ready to treat it with dishwashing liquid detergent. Make a solution by adding one tablespoon of the dishwashing liquid in two cups of room temperature water. Now take a white cloth or preferably a white towel, and wet one end of the cloth/towel. Blot on the stain using this cloth until the stain is gone. Once the stain is gone, take a fresh piece of cloth or use the other end of the wet towel and wet it with just water. Again, sponge the stained area so that no dishwashing solution remains there. Now blot the area dry using a dry towel or cloth Repeat the dishwashing cleaning process minus the vacuuming if the need be. This technique is very effective for fabrics, which cannot be washed. If the fabric can be washed, then wash it in your washing machine at the highest temperature permissible to the fabric. You can add some white vinegar and oxygen detergent while washing for best results. However, be sure that you check for the remains of any stains left behind before you put the fabric in the dryer.


Shake off the excess chalk dust and vacuum before bleaching the fabric. Remove as much stain as possible from the fabric before bleaching it. Secondly, use laundry prewash stain remover to remove any possible stain. If the stain still does not go, wash the fabric with either chlorine bleach if your fabric permits or else you can also use color bleach. Make sure that the fabric can take the harsh treatment of bleaching before you put it in the washing machine. Lastly, make sure that the stain has completely gone before putting in the dryer. Sun dry the fabric if possible. UV rays from the sun are known help in removing all types of stain naturally.