How To Remove Cheese Stains

We all want to have a little extra cheese in everything we eat. Nothing can beat the mouthwatering cheesy pizza or the extra cheese in a burger. But what when this cheese spills over your favourite dress or upholstery? It leaves behind so-called permanent stains. So-called because we feel that one could get rid of even cheese stains if there is correct understanding of the stain and the material that it has spoilt.

Cheese is rich in proteins and oil and thus, one should address each stain individually. It is always better to get rid of the protein stain first and then hit on the oily part of the stain. Here is some in-depth tips and methods that will teach you how to get rid of cheese stains from different fabrics, upholstery, carpets and other expensive items in your house.


Cotton, Linen, Polyester and Nylon Fabrics

Start by scraping excess cheese from the fabric. Apply dry cleaning solvent over the stain and scrub. Now use a dry spotter over the stain and let it stand, covered with some absorbent paper for at least an hour. Once you see the stain has vanished, flush it with some water.

For difficult stains, mix some ammonia and mild detergent. Apply this mixture over the stained portion of the fabric. Keep blotting this ammonia mixture till the stain disappears. Then send the piece to the laundry.

Silk and Wool Carpet

It is very simple to clean cheese stains from carpets. You just have to scrap off the excess cheese from carpet using a blunt scraping tool. Never scrape harshly; use light strokes to remove the offending cheese. You may use a dry spotter over the stain and cover it with absorbent paper. Let it rest for some time and flush with running water. Now clean the stain with dry cleaning solvent. The stain will go by now. However, if it is a stubborn stain, soak it in an enzyme solvent. Rinse only after half an hour. Let it dry in sun for best results.

Expensive Items Like Leather

After the excess of cheese is scraped off with the help of a blunt instrument, apply a solution of mild soap and warm water over the stain. Soak the stain in the solution and then use a sponge to scrub. Don’t scrub too hard. Make sure you don’t use any other solvent or cleaning agent. Now apply cornmeal over the stain using a brush. Wash it with water and dry it completely using a cloth. Polish the leather with some leather polish to restore its shine and gloss, if required.

Surfaces Like Marble, Steel, Tile and Copper

First scrape off excess and then clean the surface using warm soapy water. Use a sponge to scrub. Clean off with water and dry with a cotton cloth. This should get rid of the cheesy stain quite easily.


If your silverware has got stained, don’t worry! Immediately clean it with some hot soapy water. If the silverware is engraved, use a brush to clean any residue hidden or stuck in nooks and cranny. Again, use hot water to clean the silver and pat dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Wooden Furniture

Nothing can beat dishwashing detergent to remove cheese stains from wooden furniture. Use diluted dishwashing solution to scrub the furniture. Use a cotton cloth to clean it. Dry it in the sun and wax or polish immediately.


In case the cheese has left stains on your wallpaper, there is no need to change it. First, scrape off the excess and then apply a mixture of cornstarch and water. Apply over the stain using your fingers and wait till it dries completely. Now use a brush to clean the stain. You would indeed be amazed with the results!

So next time cheese spills anywhere in your home during pizza party, don’t worry. Just follow these simple tips and get rid of cheese stains effortlessly.