How To Remove Mayonnaise Stains

What Are Mayonnaise Stains?

Mayonnaise may be the tastiest ingredient in your sandwich or in a dip but if a little bit of it goes on your shirt or carpet; it becomes a recipe for disaster. Mayonnaise is white in color but it has oil that makes it a greasy stain. Greasy stains are tough to fight and mayonnaise can definitely top the charts for greasy stains. However, few tips can make sure that you keep the mayonnaise where it belongs. Here are few ways to get rid of mayonnaise stains.

Ways to Get Rid of Mayonnaise Stains

Dishwashing Liquid

Since mayonnaise stains are greasy and have a lot of oil component, it needs a treatment that can cut the molecules of oil. Dishwashing liquid are known to cut the grease and oil from the dishes and that is why it may be the best way to fight a mayonnaise stain. However, before you treat your fabric with dishwashing liquid, you need to be sure that the material can withstand the harsh treatment of the dishwashing liquid. Run a spot test in order to be safe. Once you are sure that the dishwashing detergent will not harm the material then there are various ways you can use it to remove the stain. Firstly, scrape out the excess mayonnaise from the area using a spoon or a butter knife but be very gentle. You do not want to deepen the stain on the material by applying too much pressure. Now you can either rub the dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water on the stain or wash the cloth with dishwashing liquid.

Baking Soda

baking soda

Baking soda has the property to absorb oil and this it acts as a good agent to fight stain. Put some baking soda power on the stain after removing the excess mayonnaise. Now take an old toothbrush and rub on the stain in anti circular motion. You will start noticing that the stain is disappearing slowly. Once you are sure that the stain has gone completely then wash the fabric like using a regular wash setting.

Lemon And Salt


Lemon and salt helps in treating this type of stain. Lemon acts as a catalyst because of its acidic nature and salt absorbs excess oil. In other words, lemon helps in cutting the stain molecules and salt helps in absorbing the oil that is being removed by the lemon. Slice the lemon into two halves and dab the lemon gently on a bowl of salt. Now rub this lemon and salt on the stained area after removing the excess mayonnaise. Rub in anti-circular motion in order to remove the stain from inside. Once the stain is gone, wash the cloth in hot water in order to remove the stain completely.

White Vinegar


White vinegar does not only taste good when added to any recipe it is also one of the best cleaning agents. It is known to kill the bacteria because of its acidic properties. Add one tablespoon of white vinegar in one cup of warm water and rub this solution using a sponge or a brush. Once the stain has been significantly removed, soak the cloth in warm water by mixing ½ cup of white vinegar in one gallon of water. Keep the stained cloth soaked in the water for about 12 hours in order to get best results. You can occasionally take out the cloth to check if the stain has weakened. Now remove the rest of the stain by washing it in your washing machine.


You can use rubbing alcohol in order to remove this tough stain. Remove the excess mayonnaise by scraping it out using a butter knife or a spoon. Once the excess mayonnaise has been removed, pour some rubbing alcohol on the affected area. Now use a clean dry cloth to blot it on the stained area. However, do not apply too much pressure as it may push the stain further into the fabric. This should do the job. If the stain has gone, you can either wash the material or sponge it with cold water and blot it dry. If the material cannot be washed and there is still some stain then use a dry cleaning solvent to remove the remaining stain. Pour some dry cleaning solvent on the area and blot it with a towel or piece of cloth. If this also does not work then you can also use dishwashing liquid detergent to remove the stain.

Dry Cleaner

If nothing works for your then it may be a good idea to give it to your dry cleaner. They are trained in removing specific stains and they have the necessary equipments and tools. Lastly, dry the fabric in the sun as the UV rays in the sun absorbs the oil and lessens the stain gradually.