How To Remove Rubber Cement Stains

If you have always found removing rubber cement stains difficult, here is time to rework on your stained materials or surfaces because you will be able to remove the toughest of stains from any material following steps mentioned below

If You Have Rubber Cement Stains on Fabric

If rubber cement has fallen by mistake on fabric, don’t fret. Just scrape off the cement and rub petroleum jelly over the stain. This will help get rid of the rubber cement completely. Now use a pre-wash stain remover and send the item to the laundry.

Rubber Cement

Piece of Advice:

  • In case of silk fabric, don’t rub the cloth too hard.

If You Have Rubber Cement Stains on Upholstery

You’ll feel very bad and upset if your upholstery gets spoilt from rubber cement stain. But don’t lose your head over it, as it is possible to get rid of such stains from most upholstery. You simply have to remove excess cement by scraping it. Once properly scraped, sponge the stain with any dry cleaning solvent. You may use a sponge for this task or a clean cotton cloth. Keep blotting the stained portion till it absorbs the solvent properly. Soon the stain will disappear. Keep in the sun for some time to dry thoroughly.

Piece of Advice:

  •  Use only a blunt knife to scrape.
  • If the stain is too rigid, spot the stain over and over again with solvent.

If You Have Rubber Cement Stains on Carpet

A carpet is a prized possession because it is an expensive purchase. So, it is natural to feel upset if you get rubber cement stains on it. However, you may clean your carpet also in the same way as you clean your rubbed cement stained upholstery. Just scrape off excess rubber cement and sponge it with some effective and eco-friendly solvent to ensure the carpet fibres do not get damaged or ruined. Blot the spot well with solvent and let it rest for half an hour. Now use vinegar and some gentle liquid washing detergent in some water to clean the spot from the carpet. It does not take a lot time for the stain to go. Finally, use some cold water to clean the spot and blow dry with a hair dryer. You can also keep the carpet in the sun to dry and air it out to get rid of the odours.

Piece of Advice:

  • Use only a blunt knife to scrape.
  • Don’t rub the carpet too hard.
  • If the stain does not go, keep repeating the above mentioned steps.

If You Have Rubber Cement Stains on Ceramic Tiles

Cloth, upholstery and carpet are still easier to clean, but ceramic tiles are hard surfaces that need tougher ways to clean rubber cement stains. If the layer of cement is thin, you may use any day-to-day cleaning product for removing the stain. Vinegar works quite well. However, you would require stronger acids for tougher stains. Whenever working with acids, ensure your skin and eyes are well protected and the room well ventilated.

Whether using acid or vinegar, apply it over the stain completely and let it stand for a couple of hours. Reapply the vinegar or acid on the stain during summers, as it would dry quickly. This application will loosen the cement. Now you may use a brush or scouring pad to scrub the stain. If the stain still remains, reapply the vinegar or acid and let it rest for some time. Once the cement is removed, rinse the tiles thoroughly with water. Then use a regular soap to clean the tile.

Piece of Advice:

  • Use acid carefully over glazed tiles.
  • Ensure your hand is well protected
  • Ensure adequate ventilation in the room when using acid.
  • Follow the instructions written on the acid package for safety.
  • Don’t use hydrochloric acid till there is no other option left.
  • If you can’t do it yourself, call a professional.

You have learnt that nothing is impossible in this world, even getting rid of rubber cement stains. So use these stain removal methods from now on and get rid of even the toughest rubber cement stains.