How To Check Your Health With Smartphone

It is a well-accepted and proven fact that constant use of Smartphone impacts your health in a negative way. But there is a good news for those who consider these phones are their best buddies. They could now be transformed as your health keepers.

With the increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, stress, anxiety, depression, and other health conditions, regular monitoring of health has become an integral element of human life. While visiting a doctor is inevitable when it comes to diagnosing conditions, you could definitely take the help of technology to monitor and track your health.

Switch Off Your Phone

The overwhelming omnipresence of smart phones has also given birth to a booming healthcare industry that relies heavily on the gadgets and the apps they offer. How can you make use of Smartphone to keep yourself healthier? From tracking your diet to logging in your exercise, from monitoring your blood sugar and insulin levels to tracking your heart beat, these devices have simplified the whole process of routine medical checkup.

According to pioneers from the field of healthcare, these apps, in the future, could help in cutting down medical expenditure, visits to the doctors, empower the patients, and hasten the pace of care offered.

There are two different variations of smartphone apps available today – ones that do not need any extra equipment and the ones you need to connect to a special medical device.

Apps such as ones designed for tracking your food intake, exercise routine, and sleep routine follow into this category. You can just use it anywhere. You just need your phone alone for the same.

Certain apps like the one you require for tracking your glucose and insulin levels need to be connected to the specific device so that the measurements are recorded by the apps. These apps work more efficient when you are tracking a chronic condition.

How Should You Use Smartphone Apps To Monitor Your Health?

You could use your health apps on your smartphone to ensure that you are eating healthily, sleeping regularly, and sticking on to your fitness regimen. But studies suggest that apps that are currently available to track chronic ailments, including hypertension, are mostly fun-based ones.

The apps should be used thoughtfully to achieve the health goals. You could verify the reports and readings you collect via the app with your doctor to ensure the credibility of the smartphone app.

According to a study that was conducted in 2011 on the various apps available for diabetes and weight management, it was found that despite being comprehensive in nature, these apps hardly offered anything education to the patients.

Yet another study conducted on 42 different Smartphone apps for managing diabetes in 2012 revealed that only three of them had the complete information and could be recommended for people suffering from or prone to diabetes.

There is no single rule that applies to all. Given the ever-changing nature of software industry, it is very tough to decide the precise use of these apps. Even doctors are finding it difficult to keep themselves updated with these apps. Personal and anecdotal evidences are the only things you could use to try an app.

Given that, here are a handful of apps you could try to keep a watch on your health!

5 Smartphone Apps You Could Try To Monitor Your Health

1. Instant Heart Rate Monitor

Instant Heart Rate Monitor

This app is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phone and is one of the most relied ways to monitor the heart beat. It can be installed to optimize your fitness regimen as well as to track your heart, in case of some possible health issues. It makes use of the built-in camera of your Smartphone to track the color changes on your fingertips that have been linked directly to the pulse.

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2. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Sleeping is essential to ensure that you are in good health. Studies suggest that lack of adequate sleep has been linked to cardiovascular conditions, obesity, and diabetes. This app is a gift for those who have troubled sleep. It tells you your sleep pattern – how long your sleep light and deep. It also tells you how long did you actually sleep. The best part of this app is that it wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep, thus ensuring that you remain energetic throughout the day.

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3. Glow


This Smartphone app is designed exclusively for the women to help you track your menstrual cycle. It helps you monitor your ovulation, symptoms, mood, and medications so that you could actually get the precise date of your next cycle. It could also tell you the best days for coitus, if you are trying to become a mother. This app comes free and is available on iPhone as well as Android phones.

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4. MySugr Diabetes Logbook

mySugr Diabetes Logbook

Manage your diabetes with a positive outlook with this colorful app. It has a snappy attitude and an easy to read screen option that actually helps in curbing the stress you experience. The app also displays a variety of healthy foods that look yummy. It helps you log and track your diabetes in a classic way.

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5. Cook It Allergy

Cook It Allergy

Allergies are there everywhere and monitoring them are quite tedious. You can now manage your allergies without worrying about what to eat with this wonderful app. A free Smartphone app, it is currently available only for the iPhone users. The app helps you create personalized shopping lists as well as store recipes, making your grocery shopping a simple affair. It also offers you various recipes that are free from common allergy triggers, including eggs, nuts, dairy, and gluten.

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There are countless apps that are available these days. It is okay to use apps, say doctors, but do not trust the results blindly as they need not be accurate. It is always advisable to check with your doctor to avoid unwanted complications.