How To Prevent Allergies With Kids – Tips and Tricks

Being well informed about causes and preventions of allergies is beneficial. The entire process can be challenging; however, consulting a specialist can determine detail allergy specifics in order to focus on preventing those particular allergies.

Dust mites

Airborne substances are known to trigger allergy or asthma symptoms; as such, reducing contact with these airborne substances will play a major role in preventing allergy or symptoms. Dust mites happen to be on the top list of these substances. The use of zippered allergen-impermeable covers on pillows and mattresses is highly recommended as it will reduce risks of developing allergies. Weekly bedding wash in hot water is mandatory. Carpets and upholstered furniture should be eliminated from the baby’s room.

dust mite allergies

Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are common items that are found within children’s surroundings. These items can be major sources of dust mites; since items of this nature cannot be washed, wrapping these items and placing them in a freezer once or twice a week will kill any dust mites.

stuffed animals allergy

Vacuum with HEPA-rated filter

Generally, high efficiency filters are known clean the air as it comes in from the outside and removes irritants such as; dust mite droppings, pollens and molds. from the surrounds. Filters run effectively when set up to run in the living room during the night in order to clean up the air while sleeping, and run during the day in the bedrooms. HEPA filters are known to trap dust and other allergens in the air ducts. Using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filtering system will prevent dust and other allergen particles from spreading around rooms. Diverse specialized filtering systems can be researched and obtained for complete effectiveness. One may have to shop around for great deals as prices do vary. Running an air conditioner as long the filter is clean, is known to be a great way of preventing pollen entry. Mornings is when the pollen count is the highest. Open windows enables pollen entry. If air conditioners cannot be used, closing windows until the afternoon when the pollen count is less is recommended. It is a known fact that air conditioners reduce indoor humidity; high humidity is a common disco fort for allergy sufferers.

Beeswax candles

Known allergen particles such as pollen, dust and dirt are known to carry a positive charge that enables these particles to remain suspended in the air. Any negative ions released in the air negate the positive charged particles and neutralize the air contaminants to prevent any kind of suspension process. Beeswax candles release negative ions when lit. As the negative ions negate the positive charges, the neutralized contaminants are sucked into the burning candles or fall to the ground. Beeswax candles work effectively by drawing pollutants out of the air; the entire process prevents allergic symptoms and contributes in reducing asthma attacks, allergies and hay fever. Allergic symptoms experienced by pets have been reduced as well.

Pets in households

The relationship between early exposure to pets and the development of allergies and asthma due to the presence of pets has been contradictory. Some researchers have indicated that children that have been exposed to pets in early stages have developed allergies and asthma. On the contrary, children that have been exposed to pets such as; cats and dogs; were protected from these illnesses. Further more, it has been indicated that children that have been raised on farms, develop fewer allergies and asthma.

Testing done by an allergist is recommended if a child shows symptoms of allergies or asthma. Resources and any information pertaining to allergies can be found on the internet.

Rachel Rose has her own blog where she often writes about kids, sharing her experience. Here she shared her knowledge about how to prevent allergies with the kids.