10 Tips On How To Maintain Your Car’s Value

To maintain the value of a car, it should look good and run as efficiently as possible. Proper maintenance of a car will help to keep it in good condition, drive it safely for a long time, and someday sell it for a good price. Keeping your car looking good and running efficiently is a great way to ensure that it will last a long time. Here are some tips on how to maintain your car’s value.

1. Avoid Driving Excessive Miles

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s value, it is important to minimize the number of miles you put on the vehicle. If you plan on going on a long road trip, take a rental car. It will probably cost much less to rent a car than the potential depreciation in your vehicle’s value at resale time.

2. Get Regular Maintenance

Have your car serviced regularly and keep good records of repair and maintenance. Not only will routine vehicle maintenance service help you avoid unnecessary repairs, it also indicates that you cared for the car properly during the time you had the vehicle. Many prospective buyers will not hesitate to pay your asking price for a car that has been well maintained.


3. Keep Your Car Clean

If you want to boost your car’s resale value, you must keep it detailed on a regular basis. Have the car thoroughly cleaned inside and out and make sure you apply a coat of wax in order to protect your vehicles surface from the elements. Having your car cleaned or detailed frequently will help keep it in excellent condition and maintain its resale value over time.

4. Avoid Excessive Wear And Tear

By avoiding excessive wear and tear and treating your vehicle with respect, you will maintain its value over time. Excessive speeds, over-towing, extreme start-and-stop driving, or driving your car in areas where conditions are poor can cause excessive wear and tear.

5. Get Rid of Rust

Rust is the enemy and can have a negative impact on a vehicle’s appearance and value. If you live in an area with cold weather and harsh winters, it is a good idea to wash your car often. Salt deposits can lead to rust, so whenever possible, take your car to a shop and have it undercoated. This will prevent a buildup of salt deposits on the underside and the frame.

6. Store Your Car Properly

It is advisable to protect your vehicle from extremely cold or warm environment. Extremely cold temperatures can damage a vehicle’s internal engine components. Additionally, excessive sun can fade the exterior surfaces of a vehicle, including paint, moldings and trim. Provide an indoor facility to store your car.

7. Don’t Eat Inside Your Car

Your car is not a restaurant, so don’t treat it as such. It is not a good idea to eat, drink or smoke inside your car. Stains, spills and cigarette smoke can ruin the appearance of your vehicle’s interior. You don’t want a car with a funky odor and stained upholstery.

8. Avoid Excessive Customization

Aggressive body kit doesn’t appeal to everyone. In addition, upgrades like racing suspensions and turbochargers can be an indication of how hard you drive your car. The customization may also completely change the overall appearance of the vehicle, making it more difficult for a prospective buyer to figure out its basic value.

9. Keep Service Records

Make sure you keep a history of maintenance and service records. If you decide to sell the car, keeping it looking clean and running smoothly increases the chance you will sell it at a good. Having the service records is proof that the car was regularly maintained and serviced.

10. Be a Smart Buyer From The Get-go

Sure it is important to maintain your car’s value, but more importantly, buy smart from the get-go. You need to know which vehicles have a history of holding their value. There are resources that can help you determine which vehicles maintain their value over time.


If you’re planning on selling your car at some point, try and use the car in a responsible manner so that it does not decrease in value. By taking good care of your car it will hold its value over time and ultimately sell for a higher price than other cars when deciding to sell it.