How Honda Hybrid Works?

Honda hybrid is one of the most popular cars on the streets of the United States. While this hybrid may not look different from all the other cars on the street, the noiseless engine can often take a street-crossing pedestrian unawares. The reason for this unique ability is the Integrated Motor Assist system that the Honda hybrid is equipped with. That is what makes it work so efficiently and effectively.

Understanding the Honda Hybrid System

The name Honda has become synonymous with efficiency and reliability. But when you open the hood of the hybrid, you realize it has a small engine that revs a lot! The hybrid doesn’t have a flywheel. Instead, it has an electric motor, which is located at the end of the crankshaft. The electric motor consists of magnets and coil windings; and it also acts as a starter motor, wherein it propels the car forward and also aids in numerous driving conditions.

Honda hybrid

There is a unique relationship between the engine and electric motor. Under traditional cars, the engine is responsible for internal combustion in all driving conditions. However, in the Honda hybrid, the electric motor supplies electric power to the vehicle in certain driving conditions. This power comes from the nickel metal hydride battery, which gets charged when you apply the brakes or decelerate. Basically, when you brake, the electric motor changes to a generator and produces energy, which is then transported to the battery where it is stored until required.

Working of the Honda Hybrid

Honda hybrid has introduced electrical technology into cars. And, the car uses both gas power as well as electric power to move. These two sources of power tend to work together to ensure your Honda hybrid moves. Thanks to the dual sources of power, the hybrid offers more mileage while reducing emissions, making it more environment-friendly.

If you check the Honda hybrid, you will notice that it has the following components:

  • Gas Engine: A small gas engine that is similar to other car engines. The only difference is the technology that goes into constructing this engine. As a result, the gas engine has higher efficiency and lower emissions compared to traditional cars.
  • Electric Motor: This motor works as a generator when needed and as a motor when required. It is highly sophisticated and has built-in advanced electronics.
  • Fuel Tank: Like all cars, the Honda hybrid has a fuel tank, which is used by the gas engine.
  • Battery: This functions as the storage device and stores energy for the electric motor. However, the motor has the ability to use this energy as well.
  • Generator: This generator is used to store energy for producing electrical power
  • Transmission: It works similar to a transmission found in traditional cars.

Depending on the type of Honda hybrid you opt for, the gas power and electric power can be combined in two different ways. One way is the parallel hybrid wherein fuel tank is responsible for supplying gas to the engine, while the battery supplies power to the electric motor. Both systems – gasoline and electric – turn the transmission simultaneously and this, in turn, rotates the wheels.

The second way gas power and electric power are combined is the series hybrid. Here, the gas engine switches on the generator, which then either powers the electric motor or charges the car’s batteries. In this system, the gas engine does not power the Honda hybrid directly.

The High Performance Honda Hybrid

In a Honda hybrid, the efficiency comes from using smaller gas engine. Typically, a conventional car has a big engine, so that it can produce sufficient power to propel and accelerate the car. However, in a hybrid, the focus is on using lighter parts that are also smaller and this reduces the number of cylinders, allowing the engine to operate at its maximum load.

In a conventional car, the gas engine size is determined by the maximum power requirement. This requirement occurs only when the accelerator is pushed to the floor and this does not happen very often. On the other hand, in a Honda hybrid, the size of the engine is based on the average power requirement, thereby making it more efficient and effective.

The unique combination of gas engine and electric motor is what makes the Honda hybrid work and that too extremely efficiently and noiselessly.