How To Clean A 4×4 Like A Pro

Owning a 4 X 4 is a dream come true for those who love going off road every now and then. However, with the pleasure of driving comes the burden of cleaning the mud laden vehicle and there are many a times you end up thinking how you could clean your 4 X 4 in a fun filled way, yet like a pro. Put your worries at rest as your search can now be wound up. We have some interesting tips and techniques that you could follow to clean you 4 X 4 like a pro… So, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Clean your 4 X 4 as soon as you get back from your adventure!

Do not wait for that mud to dry off for cleaning. Get started as soon as you get back from your tip. You can actually go to your nearest jet wash station to kick off the cleaning process as getting rid of that mud becomes a heinous task as it starts getting set.

Dirty Jeep

  1. Using pressure washer is the key for cleaning like a pro!

Forget your bucket and sponge; professionals do not use these. Pick up your professional pressure washer. If you have ever visited a Land Rover showroom, then you are sure to have head this from the guys over there. There are two benefits of using a pressure washer to clean a 4 X 4.

  1. You mountainous, bring task is simplified enhancing the pace of cleaning and make it an enjoyable experience.
  2. You do not have to empty your pockets to get this task done. It is quite budget friendly. You can pick on from a budget model or mid range from Nilfisk or Karcher especially when your water supply source is a domestic one.
  1. Clean beneath the bonnet of your 4 X 4 using a brush and steam cleaner

Going on an off road trip is an adventurous one, but there are some not so cool stuffs associated with it. And one is loads of mud that could get trapped in and stuck on and around your engine bay. Here is where the use of your traditional brush and steam cleaner comes into picture. The pressure washer cannot help you here as it could cause irrecoverable damages to the electrical stuff over there.

Cover the connectors as well as the exposed wiring using electrical tapes and bags before you set off your steam. This is to ensure that you are shielded completely from the risk of electrocuting while water mixes with electricity.

  1. Clean underneath your 4×4

If you own or have access to car lift, then you are lucky as you can lift your 4 X 4 and then do a pressure wash to ensure that the entire mud that has crammed onto the beneath of the 4 X 4 is eliminated without worries. Those who do not have car lift may have to struggle a little more. Just try to blast the mud from the rear of your 4 X 4 till you have access. And, if you are ready to close an eye towards your clothes getting dirty and filthy, then you can just slide yourself under the vehicle and clear off. In such cases, make sure you are wearing your safety glasses to protect your eyes and a scarf to close your nose and mouth.

  1. Give your 4 X 4 a nice continual shower for a few hours

Once you have removed as much dirt as possible with your power, move your vehicle onto your lawn. Now, you can keep an oscillating sprinkler beneath the rig and run for a couple of hours or until you are sure you are not exceeding your water budget. This exposure to continuous spray of water will ensure that mud that is stuck onto inaccessible points are also cleaned off.

  1. Wait for gravity to do the rest

Once you have followed the above mentioned steps, then you can park your 4 X 4 in its destination and then wait patiently till the mud automatically crumbles away under gravitational force.

Next time you go off on your trip, just be cool, as cleaning your 4 X 4 like a pro is now quite simple. So, ready for the next trip?