How To Deal With Motorcycle Helmet Hair

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, for both men and women. It gives you the choice to zip past slow moving vehicles on the road and a ride across highways sets your mind free! However, everything in life comes with a downside and same is true about motorcycle riding. You find the hair messed up when you complete the ride. Wearing a helmet is essential for road safety but that can leave the hair is deplorable condition. Most men and women find their hair all messed up after such a ride. If it is warm outside, you may even find your scalp sweaty and itching, which is awful.

The good thing is you can actually evade the annoying motorcycle helmet hair with a little caution. If you choose the right type of helmet, accessories and hairstyle, messing up the hair post a bike ride is quite possible.

helmet hair

Below listed are a few handy tips to control the hair after a bike ride:

Picking A Suitable Hairstyle

While some people may find the idea of changing hairstyle for the sake of helmet hair somewhat ludicrous, it does help when you ride bikes almost regularly. Guys can opt for a shorter haircut to begin with. After the ride, you can set the hair in shape with gels, water and a brush. Avoid hairstyles that involve long streaks of hair with spiked end. If you have a long pony, be sure to braid it up so that it does not get tangled.

Prepare with Care

If you are a little careful about covering and styling your hair before riding a motorcycle that can help prevent helmet hair. Women with long hair will benefit from trying a classic plait in this regard. You will be spared from hair falling in face or sticking out.

Using Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets

Men can benefit from wearing a ventilated motorcycle helmet. These helmets actually aid in reducing frizziness. It is even better if you can spray a little amount of hair spray before putting on the helmet. The airflow will stop the scalp and hair from becoming itchy and sweaty. When you take off the helmet the hair will not be very flat too. These helmets may be a tad costlier but the benefits are surely worth the added price.

Using Bandanna And Skull Cap

You will benefit from using a bandanna or skull cap beneath the helmet. It does thwart the flattening of hair to an extent. You will find your hairstyle is less affected if you use any of these. These accessories are readily available and they do not cost much either.

Using A Scarf

Women who need to ride bikes can benefit from using a scarf to cover their hair. They will get better experience from using a silk scarf. Silk helps reduce friction with hair. Women with straight haircuts will benefit in particular from using such scarves.

Using Specialized Hair Care and Styling Products

There are some specialized hair care and styling products that can be useful to control helmet hair. You may use quality dry shampoo and some baby powder on hair. This will help the hair to retain shape after you ride a bike. In fact, you can carry a container of dry shampoo in a bag when you ride a bike.

Carrying Useful Accessories For Instant Hair Reviving and Styling

If you have long and curly hair, it may be ideal to carry a few hair styling accessories and products in a bag when you go for a bike ride. The much needed accessories to revive hair post a bike ride are wide-toothed comb, curling iron and portable hair dryer. You can also use a moisturizing hair conditioner that is not meant for washing off. These will be helpful if you need to attend a party or occasion and would ride a bike to reach the venue!

Simple Hairdos Save The Day

If you are not comfortable with the idea of applying hair gel, dry shampoo or carrying a curling iron whenever you need to ride a bike, there are simpler solutions. Women can opt for a ponytail and use scarves to cover the part that stays outside the helmet. A simple brushing will do when they reach the destination.