How To Drive in Snowy and Icy Conditions

Driving a car is always a fun experience for everyone; and especially when we are with our friends. Long drive stimulates each one of us. While it’s good fun to drive fast, it’s often said that the speed of a moving vehicle is directly proportional to the risk involved for people onboard. That’s true for normal roads. How about driving in adverse conditions, like snowy and icy roads? Driving a car on such roads can be a nerve-racking trial. While some means of transportation are fine matched for the snow; however, others are not and thus have need of full preparation and knowledge to keep them under control.

That’s why we have come up with some snow driving tips. By following these tips, even an average driver can benefit and lessen the probabilities of a smash.

Drive in Snowy and Icy Conditions

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Step 1.

One should always get a hold or grip. To have passable snow adhesive friction, a tire needs at least 6/32-inch profound step, according to the tire rack. However, if it’s a new passenger, the car tires generally have 10/32-inch of step.

Extremely high performance “summer” tires have either very little or absolutely no grip in snow. In fact “all-season” tires don’t essentially have excessive snow grip. Some of the tires do whilst the others don’t. If you reside in an area where the ways are on a regular basis shielded with snow, it’s always advisable to use snow tires. They are also called “winter tires” by the tire makers. Such tires show a “snowflake on the mountain” sign on the sidewall, which signifies that they meet the tire industry bench mark for snow grip.

Step 2.

You should be clearly able to see while driving on snowy and icy roads. It’s always sensible to substitute windshield wiper blades. Continually clean the inner side of your windows carefully. Always put on a water flaking material something like Rain-X to the outer side of all the windows, together with the mirrors.

Make certain that your windshield washer works well and is filled up with an anti-icing liquid. Gutter older liquid by running the washers up until new fluid starts showing. It’s easy to make out by exchanging fluid colors.

Step 3

It’s at all preferable to run the air-conditioner. This plays an important role in taking away concentration and hoar frost from the inner sides of the windows. Always involve your air-conditioner and pick the fresh air selection. That is fine to fix the temperature on hot. A lot of cars mechanically do this when you select the unfreeze setting.

Step 4

Do check your lights without fail before you go on driving on a snowy and icy road. When you use your headlights others can see you and don’t fall in front of your vehicle. Take care that your headlights and rear light are not covered with snow. If you own an old car that has sand-pitted headlights, go and get a new set of lenses. To avoid future fighting, shield the new lens with a clear tape. It’s obtainable at any auto-racing supply place.

Step 5

Every time lookout sensibly for “black ice.” In case the road appears slippery, it almost certainly covered with black ice which is also called as glare ice. This is just about see-through ice that every so often looks like a not hurtful wet patch or is passed over completely. So it’s better to test the adhesive friction with a flat brake use or trivial turn of the tire.

Step 6

If you’re driving on a familiar road, you must recall where icy roads incline to happen. Links and joints are common such places; also, anywhere water runs across the road.

Step 7

It’s safe to first, select a car with electronic steadiness control. The next thing you must take care of is that your rear tires have at least as much grip as your front tires. As a final point, if you purchase winter tires, it’s better to get four. You see we all want to be prudent in our buying and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, when it’s about the safety of you and your loved ones, you don’t want to take chances.

So, drive safe and reach your destination safely.