How To Fix a Tear in Your Car Seat Upholstery

Each one of us, irrespective of the part of the world we come from or the section of the society we belong to, always dream of a well settled, comfortable and luxurious life. And yes there’s nothing wrong in that. What all worldly things together make such a life for us? A respectable job, owning a house, driving one’s own car, having a good time with the family over the weekend etc.
Can you prioritize these things? No, not really; because all these things go hand in hand and all of them together give you a kind of life everyone’s wishes for.

We all would agree that a good job gives us respect in the society whereas owning a home gives us economic as well as emotional security. Spending time with our nearest and dearest ones gives us peace of mind and internal pleasure and owning a car gives us….! Have you ever even thought about the importance of a car in your life beside its use in our everyday life?
The car is generally something upon which we rest on so that we are certain that we have got a way to go to and return from work, school and college or anywhere else it is that we require to go.

car seat When we have our kinfolk, the car we drive becomes lot more important. We need it to ensure we can get each of our family member to where they need to be. The bigger our family is the more significance our car holds in our life.
Furthermore, our car also place an important role in determining our status in the eyes of others.

Consequently, most of us find ourselves dealing with such a sort of scratch or rip in our car’s upholstery really intolerable. To fix something like this is essential not just for the sake of makeups, but if we have a family full of children, we would like to make sure that a small rip, tear or hole doesn’t become bigger.

That’s why we have come up with some tips on, “How to Fix a Tear in Your Car Seat Upholstery?”

The first and the foremost way is to sew the Car Seat Upholstery. : Let’s have a look on how to do it.

  • Use a fabric needle with a heavy duty thread. A fabric needle is a hook shaped needle precisely aimed to sew upholstered tops. Always pick color of thread like of the cloth on your car seat.
  • Clutch the ends of the rip together with your hand. Match the ends of the cloth narrowly. Pinhole the cloth with the needle on either one side of the rip. Thrust the needle under the cloth and push the hook up from end to end the cloth reverse the rip. Place the thread on top of the rip and make one more stitch. Carry on sewing the whole stretch of the rip. A minor rip can be repaired with a little x shaped sew up.
  • Simply lock the thread by tying it after the last sew up. Inset the needle into the cloth and pull up until there is a small ring of thread. Inset the needle through the ring and tug firmly.

There are few important points to remember for all the car owners before they go for fixing the in their car seat upholstery:

  • It’s always advisable to consider the impairment beforehand you start off with the patch-up procedure.
  • Always use a tough needle that is specifically made for this very task.
  • All the time use vinyl gel or leather gel to wipe over the stitched area and not any local gum.
  • Each time use similar colors not just for the thread, but for the patches also.
  • In case you do not use a patch, it’s always better to sew in an X shape.
  • Avoid using large quantities of the gel to wipe over the mended area and even it out as it should be and give it an adequate amount of time to settle.
  • Do not take a risk. It’s better to take the car to a repair shop if the loss is severe enough.