How To Get Rid of Car Rust Spots

Cars are a symbol of status. The better-looking your vehicle is the more likely you are to be envied by others who see you drive by.

One high priority as far as making your car look like new is to get rid of car rust spots. Removing as many of the rust stains as possible would greatly improve the appearance of your car’s body.

Overall safety can be improved if rust is prevented from forming in areas such as the brake caliper or on floorboards. Preventing rust from forming can also prevent parts of an engine from being stuck together.

Identification of Rust

Rust is formation of red iron oxides. This is a condition that takes place when iron reacts with oxygen when water or condensation hits it.

The rusting usually takes place when water molecules make their way into pits and cracks of exposed metal. It is the hydrogen atoms in the water that combines with other elements to form acids.
This eventually causes more metal to be exposed and then the metal weakens. Then, the portion of rusted surface becomes brittle and it even begins to fall apart.

In fact, it should be noted that rusting could become potentially dangerous. Therefore, prompt action should be taken to remove the rust as soon as possible.

Here are steps to help you get rid of dust:

  1. Remove the rust as soon as you notice it. This will keep the spots from getting worse. If you take too long to remove the rust it could eventually corrode the entire surface of an area. Removing the rust spot right away also helps prevent it from becoming more noticeable.
  2. Sand the surface where the rust occurs. Some sandpaper, a wire brush, or some crumpled aluminum foil is perfect for this job. You should start by removing the surface rust flakes so that it is much easier to repair later on.
  3. Coat the rust surface with an anti-corrosive primer. This is a substance that can help protect metal surfaces from rust. At least one coat but possibly two coats should be applied in order to protect the metal surface from eroding further.
  4. Paint over the rust primer coat. Try to find as close of a color to what matches your car paint. You could possibly find a rust-preventive paint in the color you need. If you consult your dealer or an auto mechanic that services your kind of vehicle it can better help you find what you are looking for.

Additional Advice

An application of phosphoric acid could help turn the rust into a water-soluble compound that can be easily scrubbed off. This substance is available in either a liquid or gel form, and is usually available in most automotive sections of discount stores. It also may be available through a car dealer.

Be careful because this substance used to remove rust can be toxic. You should also note that rust on a muffler system could flake off and cause exhaust circulation problems. Just be very careful.