How To Get Rid of Rust From a Car

Is the body of your car developing rust? This may start to show up as a brownish unique wearing off of the metal parts. It normally occurs when the vehicle finish is damaged. This exposes the bare metal parts to oxidation, thus spreading it all over other parts. The result is a discolored vehicle, which is prone to other risks like accidents. Despite the fact that most car manufacturers take prevention measures by painting the car, avoiding rusting is rarely possible. It is very important for you to understand how to get rid of rust form a car when this comes up. It will be better if you learn some few steps if you wish to make some extra income on weekends by removing it on other people’s vehicles. There are simple steps for you to follow.

car rust

1. Preparing the rusty part

It will be very important if you take safety precautions first. Due to the presence of paint dust and fine rust, it will be healthier if you wear a mask, gloves and even safety glasses. You can then cover parts need not get dusty during the process. Most people like using newspaper to cover them. This is very risky as paint can penetrate through it thus leaving spots on your windows. It will be viable if you preferred something thicker like masking tape. The edges where the masking tapes meet should be double masked to avoid allowing in paint sprays. When masking, don’t let it be near to the targeted area. Leave a small part of the panel to ensure that the color blending is done correctly. You possibly want the exact color to comfortably match with the rest of the car.

2. Eliminate the paint around the rusted part

This can be effectively done by the dual action (DA) sander. The DA helps you control during the paint removal process. It is advisable to start from the 80 grit and work your way up to the 150 one. This will enable you to remove light rusts that were yet to fuse with the metal together with both the primer and paint. Additionally, it levels with surface between the unpainted and painted parts.

3. Use a metal grinding wheel to remove thick rust

This will become handy, especially when the rust had developed to critical levels. Use grinder slowly to avoid grinding off the whole area, then use rust eliminating acid to clear smaller particles remaining. You will find it easy and effective to use phosphoric acid. You can optionally use a body filler to even the dents. Finish by hand sanding with 120 Grit in order to get a smooth surface.

4. Selection of the primer and an auto spray

You should buy one that is suitable for applying paint on bare surfaces. Select an auto spray that matches with the color of your car. Ask from people who understand how to get rid of rust from a car or visit your nearest auto supply store and inquire about the best options available for your car.

5. Do the priming

Primers come with instructions on how to use them? Generally, one is required to clear the area first with paint thinner or eve mineral spirits. Then mask three feet of the region surrounding the spot. Thinly spray coats of the primer generously. The recommended tactic is spraying three coats in the interval of some minutes to allow them to dry. After this allow it to dry for at least 12 hours.

6. Applying paint

Use 400 grit wet sandpaper to enhance a smooth surface for the paint. When applying it, it is wise to keep the bucket of water nearer so as to wet the sandpaper frequently. It also washes off the paint thus leaving it fresh and as effective as possible. The number of coats sprayed is upon your decision, but they should be more than those of the primer. After a day, you can then pull off the tape.

7. Finish up by blending the color

Finally, buff the edges of the old paint and the new one to ensure that they comfortably blend. If there is a slight difference, it may be very necessary to spray the whole car for conformity. Give it time 48 hours to cure. There is a common mistake people make, don’t ever wax fresh paint within thirty days of painting. The good thing with knowing how to get rid of rust from a car is that you cut down garage cost, but at the same time create room for more weekend income.

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