How To Get Rid of Used Oil

Oil can be a remarkably useful and reusable item. However, sometimes you need to get rid of oil and are not sure how. Usually the used oil you dispose is that which is collected after doing an oil change.

Oil Change and Proper Disposal

Proper disposal is a process that should be considered carefully. The reason why is that wrongful disposal is can contaminate water and ground supplies. Worse yet, it could hurt pets or children who may dig in the garbage.

You should not just toss it in a trash bin or leave it sitting around your garage. You should instead use these steps to get rid of used oil:

Used Oil

  1. First gather the materials. You need a large covered container, socket wrench, funnel, oil filter, oil gasket, and drain plug. You also need a rug. All these items except for the container and socket wrench can be found in a car accessories store. The large container should be a basin that holds a minimum of 6 to 8 liters.
  2. Prepare your car and materials. First, your car must be level. Otherwise, when you later attempt extract the use oil from your car it could spill. A garage floor usually is level, but if not find a level spot on the lawn, sidewalk, or parking lane in front of your house.
  3. Set the oil pan under your car’s oil pan. First set the container beneath your car oil pan. It should be centered on the drain plug far enough under the car in a position it will catch everything.
  4. Loosen the drain plug. The container should be centered on the drain plug so you can prevent an oil spill. Once this is done you should release the drain plug and then the oil can fall into the container without spilling over.
  5. Install new gaskets and put in the new drain plug. This is a step that could be done right after collecting it all in a new container. You can then add the new oil after the new gaskets and drain plug are installed. Then, you would follow proper disposal steps.
  6. Dispose of the used oil properly. The only time you would store it in a trash bin is when it is completely sealed. However, even then the oil can slip out of its lid. You could instead put the container in a visible area near the trash bin. You could also take it to a center where the oil is recycled.

Reusing Oil

You can rotate two batches of oil when doing your oil chance if you want. Just note that the oil needed to be cleaned in a refinery before being used in your car. If your geographical jurisdiction offers take-home refineries in a store you should purchase one.

Reusing oil would help not only save you money, but it also helps preserve the supply provided by our natural environment. This is one fairly easy and economical conservation step that can be taken that is good not only for the earth, water, ground and sky, but also for all humankind.