How To Get Rid of Windshield Glare

Windshield glare can be very difficult to handle. This can keep you from seeing things as carefully as possible when driving. This glare can be caused by such problems as scratches on your windshield, dirty film, light reflecting off of it and the lights in your car not working well.

Fixing Physical Problems

The physical problems that can get on your windshield can be fixed if you are careful. For example, you can control scratches on your windshield. A scratch remover can work to fill in spots that have been impacted by scratches. Also, a glass polish can work with a sticky formula to remove small scratches. A good solution can work with a soft cloth and a gentle scrubbing motion.

Acrylic filler can be used on deeper areas. This filler will blend in with a scratch to handle gaps that have been caused by that scratch. This can create a smooth appearance when it dries off.

A glass polish spray can help to reduce scratches and remove dirt from the area. It will work with the same application process that a glass polish would use.

You should also use a glass cleaner on your windshield. This can be used to remove dirt and other items that are inside of your windshield. Dirt can cause glares in many cases. This is especially the case if you smoke inside your car.

You may need to replace the windshield if problems still exist. A good auto repair site can help you out. This is going to be more expensive to handle though.

External Points to Review

There are some things with the outside of your car in mind that you can do in order to fix problems. For example, you can repaint the hood of your car with paint that is not too glossy. Glossy paint can often cause glares to occur.

You can also replace the headlights on your car. Poor headlights can cause your car to suffer from a substantial glare. This is due to these headlights creating backscatter areas.

The cases on your lights should also be cleaned out. This can work to keep the lights from going back at you.

You may even want to think about using fog lamps as your lights. These can penetrate through dirt and moisture. They will not cause backscatter problems as often as some other materials could. This might help you to keep from dealing with too much glare.