How To Make Driving Cheaper

Driving is something that makes life easier in a huge number of ways. If you commute to work then having a car with you can give you back hours of your life on a daily basis. Likewise, being able to drive will mean you can visit more friends and relatives around the country and will come in incredibly useful the next time you need to do a weekly shop and then somehow transport it back home.

Unfortunately though, there is one way in which driving can make life more difficult, and that’s the financial aspect. Buying a car is a large investment in the first place, but then on top of this you will need to pay for fuel, for MOTs and servicing and for insurance. This is a big financial commitment, but fortunately there are a number of ways you can make driving cheaper if you know how. Read on to find tips that can help you do just that.

Buy a Cheaper Car

Make Driving Cheaper

The first and most obvious way to make driving more cost effective is to buy a cheaper car. Instead of buying the latest sports car that will cost you tons to buy and to insure, consider buying something with a smaller engine that’s perhaps second hand. Often you can get just as good a vehicle but this way you’ll be able to save a lot more of your money for inevitable servicing down the line.

Check the Reviews, Specs and Service History

This ‘inevitable servicing’ can also be managed to a degree though if you buy smart. Make sure to read reviews of the car you’re about to purchase and to look into the service history of your particular vehicle. This way you can make sure that the car is known for being reliable and that it doesn’t have a particularly chequered past. This doesn’t guarantee you won’t have problems, but it does make expensive and repeat issues less likely.

Most important of all, you should aim to get a car that will be efficient and not guzzle fuel. Getting just a couple more miles to the gallon can save you immensely over the long run.

Get the Right Insurance

The right insurance will make a big difference to the cost of driving as this is one of the biggest associated costs often. Shop around for the best deal for you, and make sure that you don’t settle too early on. If you buy your car second hand then that should mean you can use ‘3rd party only’ insurance which will be considerably cheaper. TO bring it down further, try to amass a no-claims bonus by driving as safely as possible and avoiding any potential road accidents. You can find out your driving record online and some insurance companies will even let you ‘buy back’ your no-claims.

Drive Efficiently

As well as driving safely, you should also aim to drive as efficiently as possible. Generally this will mean driving further behind traffic so that you don’t have to stop and avoiding running unnecessary features in your car that can guzzle power.