How Consuming Too Much Salt Is Killing You

Everyone knows that salt should be consumed in restricted amounts, but how many are actually cutting down the salt intake? On one hand many of us cook food sans salt and on the other hand, we munch endlessly on various processed foods laden generously with salt. Studies suggest that we get 75% of the required sodium intake from these foods. Here are some of the ways excess salt could cut short your life.

1. Could Up Your Blood Pressure Levels


A generous sprinkle of salt could up the risk of developing high blood pressure. According to a study that appeared in July 2015, it was found that people with excessive salt consumption had 1.25 times higher chances of developing hypertension than those who consumed less salt. Yet another study it was found that men had more chances of developing high blood pressure than women.

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2. Ups The Risk of Obesity

menopause and weight gain

The current day diet is full of processed foods. Combined with less physical activity and various genetic factors, there is an increase in the number of cases of obesity. A recent study conducted on the relationship of salt and obesity suggests that even a single gram of salt in excess could increase the obesity risk by 25%. While the exact reason behind this is yet to be uncovered, researchers feel that salt inhibits the metabolism by hindering its fat absorption potential. Plus, an increase in salt also increases inflammations, thereby paving way for overweight and obesity.

3. Increased Inflammatory Conditions

Iodine salt

Inflammation, according to various studies, is one of the major culprits behind auto-immune health conditions. A study conducted on the impact of salt on health suggests that an increased salt intake triggered the development of an inflammatory cells, which in turn hampered with the defense system of the human body. This gradually worsens and becomes autoimmune encephalomyelitis, a highly complicated multiple sclerosis. Studies also suggest that this cell could lead to conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 Diabetes, asthma, and even psoriasis.

4. Puts You At A Higher Risk of Developing Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer

That is really scary and the numbers, in fact, are worrisome. Studies suggest that excessive salt consumption could put you at 68% higher risk of developing stomach cancer.

5. Frequent Stomach Upsets

stomach gas

Yes! It has been proven. People who use more salt in their diet are more prone to bloating and flatulence. And, it is found more in women, especially during their pre-menstrual phase. It also ups the recurrences of stomach ulcers, that slowly eats away the gut lining, paving way for stomach cancer.

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6. Causes Intense Depression


Depression is life threatening and salt is a major depression trigger. An increased intake of salt ups the blood pressure levels, thereby depriving sufficient supply of oxygen to the brain. It slowly triggers depression, forcing the person to attempt suicide in the worst cases.

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7. The Stroke Factor

Prevents Stroke

High blood pressure is a huge risk factor when it comes to stroke. An increase in salt intake causes hypertension, thereby setting the stage for stroke and other major cardiovascular health conditions, including atherosclerosis.

8. Damages The Renal System

Good For The Kidneys

The right balance between sodium and potassium levels is the key to proper excretion of wastes through kidneys. When you consume more salt, you are upsetting this balance by increasing the levels of sodium. The kidneys lose their filtering potential, thereby hampering the whole renal functioning. If left uncared, it could lead to irreversible kidney conditions such as chronic kidney disease.

In short, too much of salt is bad. So, cut down the salt consumption and safeguard your life.