How Does Honey Benefit Your Skin

Honey is popular more an effective tool to boost up weight loss; the lesser known fact is that can do wonders for your skin. The golden hued, densely viscous liquid can be applied to the skin directly. Packed with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, and moisturizing properties, honey is the source of potential antioxidants that makes it your skin’s comrade. Read through to know what are the different benefits honey has in store for your skin.

The Skin Benefits Of Honey:

1. Anti-ageing Agent:

Packed with countless powerful antioxidants, this dark brown liquid has innate moisturizing properties too. Just mix honey with milk and apply it on your face and skin regularly to ward off that prematurely creeping in wrinkles and fine lines. Using it regularly for a few weeks along with daily consumption is known to delay the signs of premature aging.


2. Helps In Combating Acne:

Just apply honey to the acne prone skin and leave aside for half an hour. Wash off using lukewarm water and dab dry using a clean, smooth cotton cloth. It combats the bacteria that triggered the infection. Plus, the inflammation is also taken care of.

3. Helps In Safeguarding The Skin From Scars:

Honey has innate bleaching properties. Hence, using applying honey on the scarred region could can help in eliminating the blemishes and scars, leaving behind a clear complexion.

4. Moisturizes The Skin:

A humectant by nature, honey is ideal t be incorporated into your dry skin hydration regimen. It helps in hydrating the skin and retaining the trapped moisture content. Use a honey pack to prevent your facial skin from turning dry. Honey is a blessing for people with oily skin as well. They can use honey to cleanse their face to retain essential moisture. The same property enables it to be used for keeping nails, heels, and lips hydrated.

5. Shields The Skin From Damages:

Honey can used internally and externally to make use of its antioxidant properties. It safeguards the skin from damages triggered by oxidative stress, one of the primary reasons behind premature ageing and skin cancer. It can also be used as a natural sunscreen to prevent skin from sun dermatitis and other sun rays induced damages.

6. Aids In Wound Healing:

Honey has been used since time unknown as a dressing for wounds. Thanks to its rich antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties. The sugars present is honey is highly osmotic in nature that enables it to prevent the onset of infection in affected region. It reacts with the exudates from the wound, triggering the production of hydrogen peroxide. This peroxide in turn speeds by the healing process by acting as antibacterial agent.

7. For Removing Unwanted Hair From Skin:

Get rid of the unwanted hair from your skin with honey. Just mix 1 tbsp of raw honey with 3 tbsp of brown sugar and 1 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Heat the mixture on low to medium flame until mixture bubbles. Allow to cool and apply on your skin. Spread it evenly. Place a clean cotton on the applied area and rub until you feel the warmth. Gently pull the cotton away from the skin to get rid of the hair and reveal a smooth, glowing skin.

8. For A Fairer Complexion:

Honey, as mentioned above, helps in maintaining the skin moisture. It is also known to possess an innate skin lightening property. Mix 1 tsp of honey with equal amounts of lemon juice and using it as your cleansing liquid every day. Your skin will soon become supple, fair, and glowing.

9. Natural Remedy For Skin Inflammatory Conditions:

Honey has been largely used as a natural and effective home remedy for various inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

10. Natural Exfoliating Agent:

You can use a mixture of honey and baking soda to prepare a mild scrub that can be used as a whole body exfoliating agent. Use honey and soda in the ratio 2:1. You can even add 5 to 6 drops of olive oil or coconut oil added benefits.

Honey, in fact, is Mother Nature’s blessing to keep your skin beautiful. Try it and feel the difference!