How Eating Garlic Benefits During Pregnancy

Pregnancy kick starts a number of unprecedented and linked physiological changes in a woman’s body and some of these can be difficult to fathom as well. To cope with conditions triggered by condition of pregnancy, women need to make certain changes to the diet. Including certain herbs and foods in their meals can be beneficial for women who have conceived. Garlic is one such contender. This herb is used widely for cooking worldwide, but its inclusion in meals of pregnant women can bring them a number of potent health benefits.

Garlic Cloves

Ways To Consume Garlic In Pregnancy

There are various ways you can intake garlic. However, during pregnancy, women tend to develop craving for certain foods and they may not like the pungent smell and taste of garlic much.

  • Crushed and peeled garlic cloves can be mixed with various types of foods. It goes well with chicken soup or any meat based dishes, for instance. It can also be used to make salads and veg dishes. Using herbs like ginger and cinnamon can help reduce the smell of garlic in foods.
  • Garlic cloves can be mixed with honey and ingested. Honey helps coat the taste and pungency well.
  • You can also intake garlic pills if chewing raw garlic is not suitable for you.

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What Are The Benefits of Eating Garlic For Pregnant Women?

Eating garlic can be beneficial for any individual, unless he or she is allergic to it. However, garlic is quite effective in aiding women deal with some specific pregnancy induced ailments and conditions.

  • Hypertension– A number of women develop hypertension after conceiving. Based on their health and other factors, using OTC medications can lead to the development of side effects, Using garlic helps them cope with hypertension minus any risk.
  • Cold and Flu– During season changes and even otherwise, pregnant women can develop flu or cold. Garlic helps them ward off cold much better than medications.
  • Digestion– Some women develop digestion related issue during pregnancy. Intake of garlic can help such women enhance digestive health. Allicin, a compound present in garlic helps them cope with conditions like cramps and flatulence.
  • Immunity– The antioxidants garlic is replete which helps boost immunity levels in pregnant women. As a result, they become less susceptible to infections and ailments.
  • Iron Intake– A lot of women develop anemia after getting pregnant. They need to eat iron rich foods and eat supplements as well. Garlic contains iron and so it fits in the bill for such women.
  • Hair Loss– Some women experience hair loss after the onset of pregnancy. They may benefit from eating garlic in this regard.

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Garlic is consumed in various foods by billions of people, including women who have conceived. Eating garlic generally does not cause serious harm to anyone. However, pregnant women should adopt caution while in taking garlic to evade risk.

First of all, a pregnant woman should talk with a doctor to learn about suitable dosage of garlic for daily consumption. Overeating the herb can lead to some adverse effects. It is also necessary to wash garlic well before using in foods to avoid bacterial contamination. Using organic garlic is the best thing to do.

Garlic has proven blood-thinning effects. So, eating it in excess amount can lead to uncontrolled bleeding during or after labour and delivery. It can also interfere with the functioning of anticoagulants like cyclosporine and Coumadin. Eating garlic, especially chewing it in raw form, leads to body odour and bad breath. If a woman is allergic to onion family, evading garlic intake during pregnancy is better for her.